Black Night Falling

Black Night Falling

By Author / Illustrator

Teri Terry


Suspense & Thrillers

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Hachette Children's Group




Paperback / softback




The explosive finale to The Circle trilogy by Teri Terry....  The fate of the natural world lies in the hands of three teenagers.  Captured by The Circle, Tabby is taken to their headquarters, Undersea. She learns about their ancient sisterhood, sworn to protect the planet, and that she is one of "the Chosen".

In London, Hayden finds herself at the centre of a coming together of disparate climate change groups. Denzi is missing, and Hayden's path to finding him is laced with danger.

People all around the world are demanding clean air and blue skies, and on the cusp of humanity making change for the good, Tabby, Hayden, and Denzi's paths draw closer together.  But as old friends arrive to help, old enemies resurface. The Circle's endgame comes into focus and Tabby, Hayden, and Denzi must race to prevent the destruction ahead. Can they learn how to harness Tabby and the Chosen's power in time, before the world is changed forever?



Black Night Falling is the final instalment of the The Circle Trilogy by the talented YA author Teri Terry. It's a page turner. A thought-provoking plot that will keep many readers on the edge of their seats... The Circle finally catch up with Tabby and kidnap her. They inform her that she is one of The Chosen and finally learns about the ancient sisterhood that she is now a part of. She has no choice but to cooperate with them, or does she? What will be the consequences of doing what The Circle wants her to do?

Before she makes any decisions, as she cannot yet trust the girls around her, she needs to find Denzi; he is part of this, he is the only one apart from Jago who knows the truth about Tabby's 'gift'. Meanwhile, Hayden is distraught about losing two of her close friends during the climate change rallies and she needs the government to realise that the climate crisis is coming to a head. They need to step up and make a change before it's too late. These three protagonists are drawn together to make a change; will they accomplish their task or will the world change forever?

Black night Falling has 400 pages of intrigue, deceit and drama, which at times is sinister. It contains lots of twists and turns all suitable for the 12+reader. This unique story would also be suitable for reading intervention groups/book clubs as it has many discussion points, for example: identity, environmental issues, friendship and trust. This final instalment of this series is so well written; Teri Terry is a master at her craft and through her words, the reader becomes totally immersed into her world. She makes you ask questions and seriously think about what the future holds for our wonderful, beautiful planet. It's a must read, get a copy and enjoy the whole series.

448 pages / Reviewed by Linda Brown, school librarian

Suggested Reading Age 11+


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