Cluck Cluck Duck: A lift-the-flap counting book

Cluck Cluck Duck: A lift-the-flap counting book

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Mama Makes Books, Rachael Saunders


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Mama Makes Books, Rachael Saunders




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Did you know that farmers sometimes put duck eggs under broody hens to hatch them? The duckling and hen fall in love and it's as natural as natural can be... until the duckling starts swimming!CLUCK CLUCK DUCK is a lift-the-flap book, the first in the series about the humorous goings-on at Funny Farm. Each book has an early-learning concept underlying the story and CLUCK CLUCK DUCK introduces early maths skills. There is a page of pop-up chicks for the children to count - four little eggs, four little one! An uplifting, warm-hearted story of acceptance and family love, publishing alongside TRACTOR TRACTOR, a book of opposites starring an old and new tractor who form the very best of friendships.



The toddler I shared this with really loved the book, about a mother hen who discovers and extra egg - that turns out to be a duckling! However, she and her four other chicks rally round and duck is very much a part of the family.

The highlight for the toddler was opening the flap of each little egg to discover a chick underneath - thus helping not just his counting skills but 'one on one' counting, which young children struggle with.  Although he was too young to understand 'duck' versus 'chick', he did like practicing the words and lifting the flaps, and we did this again and again.

A lovely, sturdy little book with lots to recommend it. See also Tractor Tractor from the same series, Funny Farm.

Suggested Reading Age 0+


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