Don't Mess With Duck!

Don't Mess With Duck!

By Author / Illustrator

Becky Davies, Emma Levey


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No more quacking! No more chatting! And no more SPLASHING!  Duck is on a mission to find a peaceful pond - he wants to be ALONE.  What will Duck do when he finds the perfect pond . . . but someone's already in it?



A laugh out loud story with an important message - teaching young children how to share.

The front cover of this picture book immediately engaged my children as they commented that Duck looks fierce and he was likely to have a battle with frog. We were all pleasantly surprised to find that this story was in fact about sharing and learning to live peacefully with someone else.

Don't Mess with Duck tells the story of Duck, a duck who doesn't like living in the pond with all the noisy, splashing and flapping of the other ducks. So he sets off to find a new pond to live in, 'I'm off to find somewhere QUIET!' But this is much easier said than done as, just Duck finds a good pond to live in, another problem arises in the form of noise. Poor old Duck just wants a quiet space. Eventually he finds 'the perfect pond' and happily he is alone at last. Just as Duck is enjoying his peace, along comes Frog and demands Duck leaves 'his' pond. They agree to stay out of each other's way, but as they do, Duck discovers that 'living with Frog was surprisingly ...nice'.

Once again, just as the two learn to live with each other along come a family of Beavers and cause an enormous racket. This time, instead of shouting, they welcome the Beavers to share their pond.

One thing I particularly love about this story are the beautifully animated animals in all the pictures. Even without reading the words, children will be able to follow the story and engage in the emotions of the animals. The expressions on each creatures face are absolutely delightful and really made us laugh together. There are lots of little details to discover together on each page and make good talking points such as, 'why do you think Duck was so angry?' and 'How did Duck and Frog change?'

This story is perfect for an early years environment as well as a family bedtime read. Bright, colourful and with and important message of sharing, this book is a brilliant addition to your shelf.

Picture book / Reviewed by Joanna Hewish, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 3+


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