Grandpa's Gift

Grandpa's Gift

By Author / Illustrator

Fiona Lumbers


Personal Growth

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Simon & Schuster Ltd




Paperback / softback




Celebrating magical grandads everywhere. Perfect for father's day!  A striking and heart-warming celebration of taking a moment to notice the beauty in everyday things.

When a young boy finds himself thrown into a new city, his world suddenly feels very grey. But with the help of his Grandpa, he discovers that things aren't always what they first seem and that beauty can be hidden in even the most unexpected of places.

An uplifting tale of life's simple pleasures from acclaimed illustrator, Fiona Lumbers.



Grandpa's Gift is the latest release from Fiona Lumbers, author illustrator of the wonderful picture book, Clem and Crab. This story focuses around one little boy who has found his recent move to the city hard to handle. The tall towering city buildings have replaced the wide open spaces he has grown up with and each day, he finds himself missing them more and more. Until, that is, his grandpa tells him he has a surprise for him. Weaving through the concrete maze of the city, the two of them eventually stop outside a crooked shop full of dusty, forgotten and seemingly unwanted objects. The pair push open the door and the begin to explore the Aladdin's cave within.

Seemingly unimpressed with the content to start with, the boy finds himself flicking through the old , drab boxes . Soon enough, something catches his eye and excitement builds as he calls his Grandpa over to see too. At this point, Grandpa approaches clutching something mysterious. Full of curiosity, the boy watches as Grandpa uncurls his fist to reveal.....a boring, grey stone. The boy feels a wave of disappointment wash over him and noticing this, Grandpa shares with him the story of when he was young and how his own grandma taught him that magic can be found in the most unexpected of places. It is at this point that Grandpa opens up the rock to reveal a filling of a thousand stars.

With his eyes opened, the boy leaves the shop and begins to notice the magic of the city which he was blind to before. From beautiful plants growing between the cracks of the pavement , to the singing birds in the sky and the buzz of the hidden playground, the boy soon begins to feel hopeful for the first time in weeks.

Fiona Lumbers has created a beautiful story with an important message. The language and vocabulary choices made certainly help create the magic associated with this story and I found connected to the character of the little boy, something helped further by the fact the text is written in the first person. Fiona's illustration style is unique and instantly recognizable. There is something delicate, soft and charming about all the art work she has produced and the pictures really help show the magic that is all around the city.

This text is the perfect addition to a primary library and works wonderfully as a hook into a PHSE lesson about appreciating what you have and what is around you. The book really made me want to explore the world around me more closely and even try and find some magical shops myself.

Picture book / Ages 4+ / Reviewed by Kyle Matravers, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 3+


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