If Only We Had a Helicopter

If Only We Had a Helicopter

By Author / Illustrator

Roger McGough, Michael Broad



Age range(s)



Barrington Stoke Ltd




Paperback / softback




Midge and co. are back! And this time there's a brand new four-legged friend in tow. New Dog needs a name and the boys need an adventure, so what are the three to do but sort it out themselves - there will be rescue missions, viking attacks and buried treasuregalore before the week is out. Laugh-out-loud adventures of childhood high jinks and rascality. Particularly suitable for struggling and reluctant readers aged 7+



I really enjoy Roger McGough's poetry, so was quite excited to read this book! The story follows the escapades of a boy who is a given a puppy; a puppy who goes missing and goes on adventures with him! There is nothing out of the ordinary in this book, it has lots of normal things that most children will be able to relate to; learning about the vikings, theatre troupes at school, friends and looking for buried treasure. It's a book that is easy to follow and easy to understand - there are no complicated ideas or plot points, just lots of funny happenings written for you to enjoy. This book has been printed to be dyslexia friendly; it has a clear layout which is well spaced and a specially selected typeface. The chapters are short and every page is easy to follow - making it a good book for reluctant readers too! This story will also appeal to children who have a dog, want a dog or just love animals! I've really enjoyed this book and can't wait to share it with my class!

Suggested Reading Age 7+


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