Marv and the Pool of Peril

Marv and the Pool of Peril

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Alex Falase-Koya, Paula Bowles



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OUP Children's Books




Paperback / softback




When ordinary boy Marvin wears his super-suit he becomes MARV. A superhero with infinite powers . . .  Marvin and his friend Joe are at the brand-new super-spectacular waterpark - WAVE WORLD! But despite the excitement, Marv's reluctant to get in the water. Although Marv can swim, sometimes he gets struck by a fear of the water that he calls 'The Panic'. Marv uses excuse after excuse to stay out of the pool. Then someone shouts 'SHARK!'  Shark!? It looks like a supervillain is up to mischief again. It's time for Marvin to become MARV.  But, even as a hero, overcoming his fear of the water is going to be a challenge. Can Marv defeat supervillain Shadow and her army of robot sharks to save the day?



Marv and the Pool of Peril is the next amazing book from Alex Falase-Koya. Early chapter book readers will immediately identify with the excitement of going to a friend's party and for Marvin, this friend is called Joe. Joe's birthday party is at the waterpark. This creates a challenge for Marvin as he might be a superhero, with a superhero suit and his very own robot sidekick, but he's still nervous around water. Although Grandad's there to reassure him that it’s OK to be scared, it's still all a bit much for Marvin. It is amazing what happens when a friend or loved one is in danger though, and when supervillain Hydro arrives - meaning no-one can go in the water - it's time for Marv to face his fears and save the day (and the birthday party).

This brilliant story is filled with lively illustrations which add important details and intensity to the sense of action. Divided into short, action-packed chapters, this is a perfect story for young chapter book readers as it will keep them motivated throughout. The messages of the importance of confidence, self-belief and friendship is one that will resonate with the reader.

This series of Marv books is perfect to promote reading for pleasure. It would be a lovely read-aloud class story and wonderful to study as a group book, focusing on the use of language and plot development.

128 pages / Reviewed by Amanda Shipton, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 5+


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