Marvellous Margot

Marvellous Margot

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Lou Peacock, illus Ingela P Arrhenius


Friends and family

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Have you met Margot? She is cheerful, helpful and kind - the very best kind of friend!

It's a marvellous day in the big city. The sky is blue, the sun is shining, and Margot has made a delicious cake for her best friend Oscar! Margot takes her little red wagon and off she goes with cake in tow. But by the time she reaches Oscar's house after having helped all her friends along the way, will there be ANY cake left to share?

A story about empathy which shows that kindness and cake is always the best recipe for friendship.



Marvellous Margot is a beautifully illustrated book which follows Margot’s journey through the town to her friend Oscar's house. On the way, Margot helps some of her friends and demonstrates acts of kindness.

This has been a great book to explore familiar emotions with my daughter and has triggered some talking points about why the characters might be feeling the way they are. My daughter loves using her finger to trace Margot's journey through the town to find Oscar's house.

Picture book / Reviewed by Jo Thomas

Suggested Reading Age 3+


Margot is a cheerful, helpful, problem solver with a huge heart. She wants to make things better for those around her and knows that kindness and cake make the perfect combination. But will Margot get to Oscar's house with any cake left?

The use of situations that children will be able to relate to, coupled with emotions that the children will have experienced, adds to the power and appeal of this story. The repetitive language will draw children in and involve them all of the way through, as the journey to Oscar's house continues. The simple, colourful illustrations are alive with additional details and characters who would be interesting to discuss.

The opportunities to use Marvellous Margot in the classroom are huge. You could use this story to: illustrate acts of kindness; it could be used for map work; writing opportunities could come from what the other characters are doing / where are they going and why; or of course this is a wonderful book to share to develop children's enjoyment of books.

This is a perfect end-of-day or bedtime story. It is an absolute joy to read with a beautiful message.

Picture book / Reviewed by Amanda Shipton, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 3+


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