Mr Bunny's Chocolate Factory

Mr Bunny's Chocolate Factory

By Author / Illustrator

Elys Dolan



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Oxford University Press




Paperback / softback




Go behind the scenes of Mr Bunny's chocolate factory in this hilarious picture book and winner of the 2018 Laugh Out Loud Book Awards (Lollies)!An irresistible look at the workings of Mr Bunny's chocolate factory! Packed with cross-over humour to amuse kids and big kids too with artwork full of details for poring over time and time again. Still a new kid on the block, Elys Dolan has already been shortlisted for The Roald Dahl Funny Prize and the Waterstones Children's Book Prize, and nominated for the Kate Greenaway Medal.The perfect picture book for Easter, but also with a great all-year round appeal.



This picture book is just fabulous across all age ranges! It explores commercialism, exploitation, factory production and of course, chocolate. It is also very, very funny! Mr Bunny's Chocolate Factory begins with a question, 'How do you think chocolate eggs are made?' and goes on to explain how factories work - but this is no ordinary factory. The workers here are hens who eat lots of chocolate in order to lay chocolate eggs. There is also a 'quality control unicorn' called Edgar. It is the details such as these that make this picture book such a delight, for older as well as younger readers. Mr Bunny - who owns the chocolate egg factory - decides that, although he is already rich - he could be richer! He sets new, higher targets for his'staff' - those poor old chickens - until, feeling bullied and coerced, the hens stage a work out, closely followed by the rest of the staff. When his factory explodes in a wave of chocolate, Mr Bunny has to learn to put teamwork and creativity over targets and greed. It's a fabulous lesson, beautifully and entertainingly packaged, and one that I could see many classrooms sharing especially in the run-up to Easter (but it would work at any other time of the year too). There is lots of discussion to be had around working as a team, encouraging creativity, and healthy eating. It's also a good book to use if you're looking at marketing and branding, and how things are made. Or, if you're simply looking for a great picture book that will set children chuckling - this is the one for you! Picture book / Ages 5-9 years / Reviewed by Alice Ewell.

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