Rudy and the Monster at School

Rudy and the Monster at School

By Author / Illustrator

Paul Westmoreland, illus George Ermos


Young fiction

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Oxford University Press




Paperback / softback




With boundless energy and an impulsive nature, Rudy is always ready to follow the scent of adventure! And with his loyal pack of friends by his side there's nothing he can't achieve.

There's a new boy in Rudy's school called Frankie, and everyone says he is SCARY. Which is really saying something, as Rudy's class is full of ghosts and ghouls, and his teacher is a vampire. But when Frankie gets upset and runs away, Rudy knows he has to help him. The trouble is, Rudy's wolf senses lead him towards the really spooky castle on the hill. Is Rudy brave enough to follow his nose, and find out the truth behind the monster at school?  Howlingly cool illustrations and an irresistible character finding his way in the world make Rudy and the Monster at School the ideal choice for those looking to bridge the gap between picture books and independent reading. See also Rudy and the Wolf Cub

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Rudy and the monster school is a lovely book about standing up when things are wrong. An excellent story for PSHE discussions around difference and not judging people by the way they look. This is a great short novel to read in class. There are many opportunities to stop and discuss how the characters are feeling and what they should do next. A must have for classrooms and the school library.

128 pages / Reviewed by Jennifer Bevan, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 7+


There is a new boy at school who everyone says is scary. But when he gets upset and runs away from class, Rudy can't just stand by and do nothing.

This beautifully written early chapter book allows clear discussion opportunities focusing on not judging people by their looks alone. How had other students' judgements changed the way that the new child felt? Would you be as brave as Rudy and go to High Crag Castle, which is described as, 'a place where the lightening never stops flashing'? As you read the story you follow see the impact that 'unkind words' can have on others and the difference that being included can make.

Rudy and the Monster at School would be a wonderful class book to use as part of a PSHE topic with links to map work using the location map at the beginning. Children will love to follow the chapters in this book, the detailed illustrations using red, black and white will draw the reader in and inspire their imaginations. By identifying new vocabulary or words they would like to use in their own work, this story will increase the wonderful words that students are able to use in their own work.

This series is a must have for school libraries and I would definitely want a copy on my class book shelf. They will appeal to a huge range of pupils and enable clear discussions about morals. Well done Paul, this series should be incredibly successful. They are a pleasure to read.

128 pages / Reviewed by Amanda Shipton, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 7+


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