Spooked: The Theatre Ghosts

Spooked: The Theatre Ghosts

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Steven Butler



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Simon & Schuster Ltd




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Welcome to Cod's Bottom - the sleepy seaside town with a secret! Meet an unusual cast of ghosts in a laugh-out-loud new middle-grade series by the bestselling author of The Nothing to See Here Hotel. Perfect for fans of The Danger Gang and The Boy Who Grew Dragons.

There's nothing out of the ordinary about ten-year-old Ella Griffin. Nothing at all . . . until she's forced to move to the seaside town of Cod's Bottom and everything changes. In search of adventure, Ella stumbles into an old abandoned theatre, but all is not as it seems. Because the theatre isn't empty, it's haunted by weird and wonderful ghosts, and they need her help to save them!

Praise for The Nothing to See Here Hotel:  'This book is so good you won't blunking believe it!' Tom Fletcher, author of The Danger Gang.  'Hilariously funny and inventive' Cressida Cowell, author of How to Train Your Dragon.   'This hotel gets five stars from me.' Liz Pichon, author of the Tom Gates series



Spooked: The Theatre Ghosts is a thoroughly enjoyable read from Steven Butler. When ten year old Ella Griffin is forced to move away from her happy life in London to the dull and miserable seaside town of Cod's Bottom, she fears her life might as well be over. That is until she stumbles into an abandoned theatre and meets a whole range of new friends - both living and dead!

Spooked would be a great book for ages 7-9 years. It has the perfect balance of humour and mystery, as well as having dastardly villains and unlikely heroes. It's an entertaining and lively read with a brilliant cast of characters, with quirky personalities and back stories. At its heart, there is a wonderful message about staying true to oneself and not being afraid to be different, which is a great discussion point for young readers. It's also a great celebration of friendship and individuality so would be a lovely book to share as a class reader.

272 pages / Reviewed by Linda Canning, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 7+


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