Ten Little Ducklings

Ten Little Ducklings

By Author / Illustrator

Lucy Rowland, Aki


Early Skills


Bloomsbury Publishing PLC








The sun is up, it's a brand new day. Ten little ducklings want to play!There's lots to see and lots to do - let's play a game of PEEK-A-BOO!  Get ready to play with ten little ducklings as they set off on an exciting adventure. There's a busy new scene to explore with each turn of the page, from a day at the farm to a hot-air-balloon outing, and from a snowball fight to a birthday party. Can you spot which little duckling is hiding on each page?  This irresistible search-and-find book is packed with details for little ones to spot - perfect for reading and sharing together!



Ten Little Ducklings is a book of hide-and-seek. On each page, the ten ducklings are in a different scene getting up to their own tricks! We are asked to find a specific duck on each page and there's a rather helpful mouse with its magnifying glass on hand ready to assist.

I have become so invested in this book! Ten Little Ducklings each have their own personalities to learn about as you journey through the book. My toddler and I have read this book over and over, each time focussing on a different duckling. I find Ash particularly amusing as he can be found sleeping in the sneakiest of places on each page. My daughter loves spotting Kirby (the 'party' duckling) who is ALWAYS eating! Sam is a bit of a grump whilst Robin is always in a pickle!

This book lends itself to being shared - and not just shared between two people! It's a fantastic icebreaker as it encourages lots of excitement and dialogue. It would be perfect to use this book with a child who may be less confident with their peers as there are so many ducklings to spot that every child can have the opportunity to join in and be part of the hide and seek game. I would also use this book as a group activity in a nursery setting to support children with looking closely, waiting their turn, and describing what they can see.

Of course, it goes without saying that this book is fantastic for teaching our littlest ones to embark on an adventure of their own and learn to count all the way to ten!

Picture book / Reviewed by Jessica Bunney, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 0+


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