The Boy Who Saved a Bear

The Boy Who Saved a Bear

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Nizrana Farook



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Nosy Crow Ltd




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A boy and a bear meet, become friends and have the adventure of their lives! From the author of The Girl Who Stole an Elephant comes another brilliant escapade. The fourth thrilling adventure set in a fictional Sri Lanka is jam-packed with peril, thieves and a terrifying bear!

Nuwan works at the library, delivering books. One day, he accidentally takes away a very valuable key that's been hidden inside one of the books, and in the process thwarts the plans of some very dangerous thieves. On the run, he hides in a cave, only to discover in the middle of the night that he is sharing it with a big, hairy, terrifying bear! After some hair-raising moments, he and the bear reach an understanding and they travel on together, evading the bad guys and hoping the key will unlock the answers to the mystery so that they can stop running and return home...  Cover and inside illustrations by David Dean.

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The Boy Who Saved a Bear is set in beautiful Sri Lanka. Whilst working in the library, Nuwan accidentally takes an important and valuable key that has been hidden in one of the books. Nuwan doesn't realise that the key is meant for great things until he encounters the librarian and her husband who want the key for themselves. While he manages to thwart the dangerous pair, unfortunately the precious key ends up around the neck of a terrifying bear. Nuwan gallantly travels across the country to return the key to his Queen, followed by the bear who has decided that Nuwan is trustworthy and won't hurt her.

Throw his best friend into the mix, and more wicked actions from the librarian and her husband, and you have yourself a fast-paced, thrilling, and heartwarming read. This would be perfect for those that love adventure stories, and who are capable of reading chapter books independently - ages 8+. It would also make a wonderful read, especially for those in KS2 who may be studying the jungle or rainforest as there are lots of opportunities to utilise the rich language in Farook's text.

240 pages / Reviewed by Emma Nelson, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 7+


The Boy who Saved a Bear is the fourth and final book that author Nizrana Farook has set in the beautiful landscape of Serendib, and it is another stunning and warm adventure story featuring the bond between the children and the wild animals that Farook creates so joyously.

The theft of a priceless key to an ancient King's treasure leads young Nuwan on a journey to the King's City to see the Queen herself and hand over the highly prized artefact (if he can keep it safe from the dangerous thieves that pursue him). What follows is a perilous, long, daring quest that Nuwan hopes will make his family proud of him for and prove to them that he is just as good and trustworthy as his older brother.

Through the hot, red-soiled wilderness he goes but, having stumbled upon the real Key of Nissanka, he is hunted by sly, threatening thieves as he travels. Looking for somewhere to hide, Nuwan finds himself in a bear cave and suddenly nose to nose with the legendary Karadi - the bear feared by local children, whose mothers tell them stories of her fierceness to prompt them to behave. Bear and boy, however, amazingly and movingly form a bond of mutual trust and loyalty and Karandi becomes the ultimate protector of the Key and companion for Nuwan's journey.

The Boy who Saved a Bear is full of lush landscapes , rich colorful details and creates a real sensory experience for the reader - it is a story packed with the tastes, smells, sounds and textures of another faraway land, where the beauty and balance of the natural world is explored and described so wonderfully. Although all of Nizrana's books are separate adventures, the ending of this book cleverly weaves the other stories of Serendib into the reader's mind once more and ties together those central themes from all the books. Threaded through these books is the fantastic connection between the children and the animals, and the exploration of man's role and responsibilities to the natural world; reflecting the awe and respect we should have for the creatures and lands around us . A wonderful, warm hearted and enchanting story.

240 pages / Reviewed by Jennifer Caddick, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 9+


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