The Deep Blue

The Deep Blue

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Charlotte Guillain, Lou Baker Smith



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"Shoals of tiny, brightly coloured fish dart through the sun-dappled water. Dazzling royal angelfish nibble the coral."  Swim through tropical seas and dive into the darkest depths of the ocean to discover Earth's diverse and delicate ecosystems.  From vibrant coral reefs to mysterious deep-sea trenches, this lyrical picture book takes you on an amazing journey. Immerse yourself in different ocean landscapes, learn about the diverse range of species, and understand the importance of maintaining these beautiful, natural habitats.

This illustrated, lyrical picture book looks at plants, animals and natural formations in Earth's amazing ocean ecosystems, from the smallest creatures to the largest predators, gently covering the topic of global warming. Most of our planet is made up of the ocean, but it is in trouble. With the climate warming, we're losing the sea ice in the Arctic and Southern Oceans.

Content includes Coastal Waters / Kelp Forests / Mangroves / Coral Reefs / Open Ocean / Deep Ocean / Frozen Seas

Every living thing on the planet needs the oceans, including us. This book will inspire you to find out what more you can do to help the oceans, so they can remain wonderful havens of life and beauty that we can all enjoy.  The World of Wonder series shines a light on our planet's fragile ecosystems, from majestic mountains, to expansive forests and deep oceans, gently covering important topics such as global warming and the impact of humans on the natural world.   Also available: World of Wonder: Mountains 9780711243538



Quite how Lou Baker Smith manages to capture the beauty of bioluminescent creatures in The Deep Blue as they move through the twilight zone, the fluidity and opalescence jellyfish drifting on the ocean current, or the churning swell of waves under a lowering sea is a thing of wonder.  Her painterly style draws out the wonder and multi-faceted character of the marine environment, just as Charlotte Guillain's rich and poetic writing conveys not just facts about this watery world, but fascination and familiarity.

So, the tiny, red-speckled coral crab nips at the starfish horde advancing on its domain and sends them packing; the Arctic Tern struggles against howling wind and pummelling rain on its epic journey to warmer climes; the manatee mother keeps her calf close by while she rests after a long day's grazing among the mangroves.  We feel an association with these creatures. We see that the threats they face are constant, but none is more dangerous than that posed by human activity. The realm, to which they are so well adapted, is fragile and endangered.

Climate change and habitat degradation isn't front and centre on every page, but it is the backdrop. And so, at the end, the author offers a word of personal encouragement to her readers and some useful sources of further information. There is also an index which will help if this book is used, say, in class for studying specific topics and a contents page which lists the headings for each single or double page spread.

There is so much to learn here (not least Tier 2 & 3 vocabulary), so much to enjoy. A classy book to dive deep into time and again and a much recommended addition to any school library.

64 pages / Reviewed by Jane Rew, school librarain

Suggested Reading Age 7+


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