The Queen's Handbag

The Queen's Handbag

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Steve Antony



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With a Jon Klassen appeal, Steve Antony is the one to watch.

A naughty swan steals the Queen's handbag, so naturally, the Queen races after it. She follows it all around the United Kingdom in various modes of transport, including an Aston Martin car, a motorbike, a Red Arrow plane, a speedboat, a train and a horse. Taking in sights such as Stonehenge, Snowdonia, Giants Causeway, Edinburgh Castle, Oxford and then arriving back in London, this chase includes the Queen's butler and an awful lot of policemen.

A witty and stylish celebration of the United Kingdom and the Queen.

Praise for The Queen's Hat: 'This is a wonderful romp of a read that's a great introduction to London, royalty and all that makes Britain great.' - Sun

'... this picture book is hard to beat for its sweet simplicity and charming monochromatic drawings.' - The Times



This is the wonderfully funny tale of the adventures of our one and only Royal Majesty the Queen as she travels the length and breadth of the British Isles looking for her handbag which has been stolen by a rather sneaky swan. I loved the fact that this book gave the queen a really human quality that my six year old found hilarious! Especially the queen flying a Red Arrow. I thought that it was a lovely way to introduce lots of new places in the UK and also create lots of 'We've been there' moments. This book took a few reads to really take in all the brilliant detail of the fabulous illustrations. We especially loved looking at all the police officers in all the different places - personal favourite was the selfie-taking police officers as the queen abseils down Snowdonia. As a teacher I can see that this book would be a fabulous resource especially anyone studying the British Isles, would be a lovely gateway into exploring the UK in a really funny and engaging way. I would highly recommend this book, definitely a bedtime favourite in our house. Picture book / Ages 5+ / Reviewed by Marie Berry, teacher.

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