Trailblazers: Albert Einstein

Trailblazers: Albert Einstein

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Paul Virr


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Discover the lives of pioneers, past and present, in the TRAILBLAZERS series. From scientists to activists, inventors to athletes, meet the intrepid individuals whose achievements have had a big impact on our planet.
How did Albert Einstein become one of the greatest minds in history? With his radical theory of relativity, Einstein changed the way we think about everything - from atoms to galaxies. Expelled from school and told nothing would ever come of him, find out how this trailblazer came to be considered a total genius.
A fun and informative biography, packed with little-known trivia, fascinating facts and lively illustrations!



Trailblazers is a biography series that celebrates the lives of pioneers, past and present. A great series of books, each packed full of information and facts about scientists, inventors and athletes from all over the world.

Trailbrazers, Albert Einstein, The Greatest Mind in Physics by Paul Virr details the life of this scientific genius. Albert started out as an unpopular 'goody two shoes' at primary school, and was described as lazy and rude by some of his teachers; so it comes as no surprise that he soon started to rebel against the rigid school rules.

The book tells its reader how Albert quickly became frustrated by the tediously slow pace of his lessons and so he decided to teach himself at home. Inspired initially by his Uncle Jakob, a talented maths teacher, then a medical student called Max Tatmud and later the composer Mozart, Albert learned quickly; however, this only meant that he became even more frustrated by the 'mindless mechanical' teaching at school.

This informative biography is written in such a way that even some of today's most complex theories become slightly clearer for the young mind. Supported by doodle style illustrations and captions by Luisa Uribe and Keiron Ward, this rather complex content becomes far less daunting - not only for younger but also its not-so-young readers.

While physics may not be every young readers' 'go to' science, learning all about Albert Einstein, his life and his discoveries will no doubt spark the inquiring minds of many.

This is a great book for any teacher trying to get children to read more non-fiction. It has all the typical features of a non-fiction text; contents, index and glossary, in addition to a concise timeline of events, further reading references and related websites. What more could you want? A great book for whole class or guided reading, an informative read for someone who prefers non-fiction to fiction, ideal for individual research projects; a hands down, all-round fantastic read.

176 pages / Ages 8+ / Reviewed by Samantha Phillips, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 9+


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