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  • Let's All Say Yes!

    Let's All Say Yes!

    • Nia Roberts, Nneka Okoye
    • Nosy Crow
    • ISBN13: 9781805132561
    • Published: 23-05-2024

    A bright and engaging picture book that champions diversity and celebrates love in all its shapes and sizes. Sometimes a block might love a spot . . . and sometimes a spot might love another spot . . . and sometimes a block or a spot doesn't want to be a block OR a spot AT ALL!  What's...

  • The Hoys

    The Hoys

    • Kes Gray, Mark A. Chambers
    • Happy Yak
    • ISBN13: 9780711287990
    • Published: 23-05-2024

    Ahoy there! But what is a hoy, and why can Pirate Jake never see one?!  No matter how hard he looks, Jake cannot see the mysterious hoys he keeps hearing so much about.  How can he ever be a proper pirate if he can't see a hoy? With his parrot on his shoulder, he walks gloomily across the sand...

  • Bird Boy

    Bird Boy

    • Catherine Bruton
    • Nosy Crow
    • ISBN13: 9781839946493
    • Published: 09-05-2024

    From the multi-award-winning author of No Ballet Shoes in Syria, comes a story of migration, conservation, healing and hope as a grieving boy forms an unbreakable bond with an injured bird. After the tragic death of his mother, eleven year old Will is sent to temporarily stay with his u...

  • Ember Spark and the Thunder of Dragons

    Ember Spark and the Thunder of Dragons

    • Abi Elphinstone, Kristina Kister
    • Simon & Schuster
    • ISBN13: 9781398500693
    • Published: 09-05-2024

    A magical NEW story filled with adventure, wonder and edge-of-your-seat excitement, set in a world of daring dragons and magical maladies by the best-selling author of Sky Song, Abi Elphinstone . . .Rusty Fizzbang, vet to magical beasts, needs an apprentice. Ember Spark, looking fo...

  • I Am Wolf

    I Am Wolf

    • Alastair Chisholm
    • Nosy Crow Ltd
    • ISBN13: 9781839945311
    • Published: 09-05-2024

    An outstanding, highly original and unputdownable read! This is a bold, thought-provoking adventure perfect for fans of MORTAL ENGINES and THE LAST WILD. Coll belongs to Wolf.  He lives with his crew on a Construct, a huge technological "creature" driven by the crew's combined willpower...

  • Bad United: Just For Kicks

    Bad United: Just For Kicks

    • Louise Forshaw
    • Little Tiger Press
    • ISBN13: 9781788956666
    • Published: 09-05-2024

    All Hoof the Unicorn wants to do is be part of a football team but his club never appreciated his talents and kicked him out. Then he spots an advert for BAD UNITED and he feels a tingling in his hooves. A chance to be part of a team again! A chance to play the game he loves! And a chance to s...

  • The Best Bad Day Ever

    The Best Bad Day Ever

    • Marianna Coppo
    • Frances Lincoln Children's Books
    • ISBN13: 9780711293397
    • Published: 09-05-2024

    A hilarious exploration of grumpiness: this is a book for any child who has ever woken up to find everything unreasonably annoying.Today is a terrible day for Wolfie: it's cloudy (there is a single cloud), the water in the bubble bath is ice cold, there aren't enough chocolate chip...

  • On Your Marks, Get Set, Gold!: A Fact-Filled, Funny Guide to Every Olympic Sport

    On Your Marks, Get Set, Gold!: A Fact-Filled, Funny Guide to Every Olympic Sport

    • Scott Allen, Antoine Corbineau
    • Nosy Crow
    • ISBN13: 9781805130727
    • Published: 09-05-2024

    An exciting, laugh-a-minute guide to every Olympic and Paralympic sport - updated for the 2024 Paris Olympics! From boxing to boccia, find out just what it takes to become an Olympic and Paralympic star in this hilariously informative guide to the games. For each sport you'll discover w...