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  • When Shadows Fall

    When Shadows Fall

    • Sita Brahmachari, Natalie Sirett
    • Little Tiger Press Group
    • ISBN13: 9781788953160
    • Published: 11-11-2021

    Kai, Orla and Zak grew up together, their days spent on the patch of wilderness in between their homes, a small green space in a sprawling grey city. Music, laughter and friendship bind them together and they have big plans for their future - until Kai's family suffers a huge loss. Tryi...

  • Black and British: An Illustrated History

    Black and British: An Illustrated History

    • David Olusoga, Jake Alexander, Melleny Taylor
    • Pan Macmillan
    • ISBN13: 9781529052954
    • Published: 11-11-2021

    This beautiful hardback gift book is a stunning visual journey through Black British history for younger readers by award-winning historian and broadcaster David Olusoga and illustrated by Jake Alexander and Melleny Taylor. The essential starting place for anyone who wants to learn...

  • A Flying Visit (A Percy the Park Keeper Story)

    A Flying Visit (A Percy the Park Keeper Story)

    • Nick Butterworth
    • HarperCollins Publishers
    • ISBN13: 9780008455620
    • Published: 11-11-2021

    An exciting new picture book about much-loved Percy the Park Keeper and his animal friends from the bestselling creator of One Snowy Night. Percy's friend the hedgehog has always longed to fly but without wings it's an impossible dream. Until, one day, a stranger arrives in the...

  • We're Going on a Present Hunt!

    We're Going on a Present Hunt!

    • Tegen Evans, Angie Rozelaar
    • Nosy Crow Ltd
    • ISBN13: 9781839941559
    • Published: 04-11-2021

    A fun and festive reimagining of the American folk song, 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'. Three children are off on a hunt for the perfect Christmas present! But first they've got to get through the spiky Christmas trees, a herd of hungry reindeer, some noisy carol singers and a very busy toyshop...

  • Fledgling


    • Lucy Hope
    • Nosy Crow Ltd
    • ISBN13: 9781839941887
    • Published: 04-11-2021

    A dark, gothic adventure set deep in a Bavarian forest, with angels and owls and magic and a boy who isn't all that he seems to be...  A cherub is blown into Cassie Engel's bedroom during a thunderstorm, triggering a series of terrifying events. Cassie must discover if its arrival was an accid...

  • Sisters of the Lost Marsh

    Sisters of the Lost Marsh

    • Lucy Strange
    • Chicken House Ltd
    • ISBN13: 9781913322373
    • Published: 04-11-2021

    Life is hard for Willa, Grace and Freya, and their three younger sisters. Six motherless girls working a farm, living in fear of their cruel father and the superstition that obsesses him - The Curse of Six Daughters. With the arrival of the mysterious Full Moon Fayre, there's a chance for the...

  • Tinsel: The Girls Who Invented Christmas

    Tinsel: The Girls Who Invented Christmas

    • Sibeal Pounder
    • Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
    • ISBN13: 9781526619266
    • Published: 28-10-2021

    What if somewhere along the way we've all got the Santa story a bit wrong...? Join Blanche Claus and her best friend Rinki for a funny festive sleigh ride you'll never forget! From Sibeal Pounder, bestselling author of the Witch Wars and Bad Mermaids series, this tale of friendship and...

  • Medusa


    • Jessie Burton, Olivia Lomenech Gill
    • Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
    • ISBN13: 9781408886939
    • Published: 28-10-2021

    A dazzling, feminist retelling of Greek myth from the internationally bestselling author of The Miniaturist, stunningly illustrated by Olivia Lomenech Gill. Exiled to a far-flung island by the whims of the gods, Medusa has little company except the snakes that adorn her head instead of...