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  • Destiny Ink: Sleepover Surprise

    Destiny Ink: Sleepover Surprise

    • Adeola Sokunbi
    • Nosy Crow
    • ISBN13: 9781805132318
    • Published: 06-06-2024

    A brilliant new highly-illustrated chapter book series for 5+ readers. Destiny uses her creativity to overcomes her worries. Perfect for readers moving on from Tom Percival's BIG BRIGHT FEELINGS picture books and fans of JOJO & GRAN GRAN. Destiny can't wait to go for her first ever...

  • The Cheat Book (1): Can Kamal cheat his way on to the cool table?

    The Cheat Book (1): Can Kamal cheat his way on to the cool table?

    • RAMZEE, Mascuud Dahir
    • Hodder Children's Books
    • ISBN13: 9781444973389
    • Published: 06-06-2024

    'Laugh-out-loud funny. Kids are going to love The Cheat Book!' Cressida Cowell'Comedy gold!' Louie StowellForgotten your homework and need to WING it?Wish you could talk your way out of DETENTION?Want to SQUASH your bullies and RISE to the top?Join Kamal as...

  • The Love Interest

    The Love Interest

    • Helen Comerford
    • Bloomsbury YA
    • ISBN13: 9781526667588
    • Published: 06-06-2024

    A swoony, speculative and entirely electric YA debut with a humorous and satirical take on the conventions of the superhero-verse, for fans of Michelle Quach's Not Here To Be Liked and the Marvel Universe.   17-year-old Jenna Ray has just been saved by the world's newest superhero, Blaz...

  • Us in the Before and After

    Us in the Before and After

    • Jenny Valentine
    • Simon & Schuster YA
    • ISBN13: 9781471196584
    • Published: 06-06-2024

    A tear-jerking, heart-breakingly beautiful novel from the award-winning Jenny Valentine, perfect for fans of Adam Silvera, Kathleen Glasgow and Laura Nowlin.There is one side of that moment, and the otherBeforeAfterI have dreamed about it ever sinceAt...

  • Four Eids and a Funeral

    Four Eids and a Funeral

    • Faridah Abike-Iyimide, Adiba Jaigirdar
    • Usborne
    • ISBN13: 9781805312970
    • Published: 06-06-2024

    Let's get one thing straight: this is a love story.Said Hossain hates Tiwa Olatunji. And Tiwa would happily never see Said again in her life. Growing up, the two were inseparable, but they have barely spoken since the incident many Eids ago and both of them would like to keep it that way...

  • Hannah Messenger and the Gods of Hockwold

    Hannah Messenger and the Gods of Hockwold

    • Bryony Pearce
    • UCLan Publishing
    • ISBN13: 9781915235978
    • Published: 06-06-2024

    The Gods of Olympus and their descendants have lost their memories. They think they are ordinary humans. Only Hannah Messenger and her friends know who they really are. And that means when the God's objects of power start to go missing, only Hannah and her friends can stop the thief.  A MG urb...

  • Let's All Say Yes!

    Let's All Say Yes!

    • Nia Roberts, Nneka Okoye
    • Nosy Crow
    • ISBN13: 9781805132561
    • Published: 23-05-2024

    A bright and engaging picture book that champions diversity and celebrates love in all its shapes and sizes. Sometimes a block might love a spot . . . and sometimes a spot might love another spot . . . and sometimes a block or a spot doesn't want to be a block OR a spot AT ALL!  What's...

  • The Hoys

    The Hoys

    • Kes Gray, Mark A. Chambers
    • Happy Yak
    • ISBN13: 9780711287990
    • Published: 23-05-2024

    Ahoy there! But what is a hoy, and why can Pirate Jake never see one?!  No matter how hard he looks, Jake cannot see the mysterious hoys he keeps hearing so much about.  How can he ever be a proper pirate if he can't see a hoy? With his parrot on his shoulder, he walks gloomily across the sand...