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  • The Bewitching of Aveline Jones

    The Bewitching of Aveline Jones

    • Phil Hickes, Keith Robinson
    • Usborne Publishing Ltd
    • ISBN13: 9781474972154
    • Published: 19-10-2021

    Turn on your torches and join Aveline Jones!  Aveline is thrilled when she discovers that the holiday cottage her mum has rented for the summer is beside a stone circle. Thousands of years old, the local villagers refer to the ancient structure as the Witch Stones, and Aveline cannot wait to l...

  • The 143-Storey Treehouse

    The 143-Storey Treehouse

    • Andy Griffiths, Terry Denton
    • Pan Macmillan
    • ISBN13: 9781529047875
    • Published: 19-10-2021

    There are lots of laughs at every level in The 143-Storey Treehouse, the new book in the number one bestselling Treehouse series from Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton, out in hardback.We've added thirteen new levels to our Treehouse (it used to be 130 storeys, but it keeps on growin...

  • The Song that Sings Us

    The Song that Sings Us

    • Nicola Davies
    • Firefly Press Ltd
    • ISBN13: 9781913102777
    • Published: 14-10-2021

    When animals talk, it's time humans listened: Harlon has been raised to protect her younger siblings, twins Ash and Xeno, and their outlawed power of communicating with animals. But when the sinister Automators attack their mountain home they must flee for their lives. Xeno is kidnapped and Ha...

  • Jingle Smells

    Jingle Smells

    • Mark Sperring, Sophie Corrigan
    • Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
    • ISBN13: 9781526636812
    • Published: 14-10-2021

    Jingle Smells, Jingle Smells Jingle all the way, Oh what fun it is to bea skunk on Santa's sleigh! It's Christmas eve and Jingle the little skunk can't WAIT to see all the twinkly fairy lights. But as he skips into town, his terrible WHIFFY stink causes ALL SORTS of trouble. Poor Jingle is con...

  • Snow Ghost: The Most Heartwarming Picture Book of the Year

    Snow Ghost: The Most Heartwarming Picture Book of the Year

    • Tony Mitton, Diana Mayo
    • Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
    • ISBN13: 9781408876626
    • Published: 14-10-2021

    Snow Ghost came whispering out of the air, "Oh, for a home to be happy - but where?". Flying through the swirling, snow-filled skies, Snow Ghost searches for a place to call home, swooping gracefully over the whirling traffic of town, winding her way through the dense, tangled wood and to the...

  • As Large As Life

    As Large As Life

    • Jonny Marx, Sandhya Prabhat
    • Little Tiger Press Group
    • ISBN13: 9781838911799
    • Published: 14-10-2021

    26 habitats to explore, featuring more than 250 animals.   Did you know that a sword-billed hummingbird has a beak longer than its body, that a giant anteater's tongue can delve two feet into a termite mound in pursuit of food, or that a lion's mane jellyfish can grow tentacles as long...

  • The Christmas Department Store

    The Christmas Department Store

    • Maudie Powell-Tuck, Hoang Giang
    • Little Tiger Press Group
    • ISBN13: 9781801040112
    • Published: 14-10-2021

    Christmas for Benji has lost its magic. This year, his family can't afford a tree, or even a turkey. But then he stumbles upon the most extraordinary department store, where polar bears talk and the presents are out of this world.  A heart-warming story of love, laughter and family. Rea...

  • The Greeks

    The Greeks

    • Chaaya Prabhat, Jonny Marx
    • Little Tiger Press Group
    • ISBN13: 9781838913250
    • Published: 14-10-2021

    Were charioteers the highest-paid athletes in history? How did Heracles slay the many-headed Hydra? Did the Greeks invent the world's most bloodthirsty sport? Readers can discover the truth behind some of the most incredible ancient Greek stories and superstitions and unea...