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  • A Robot Squashed My Teacher

    A Robot Squashed My Teacher

    • Pooja Puri, illus Allen Fatimaharan
    • Pan Macmillan
    • ISBN13: 9781529070699
    • Published: 14-04-2022

    A Robot Squashed My Teacher is the laugh-out-loud, wacky adventure by Pooja Puri brilliantly illustrated by Allen Fatimaharan, the sequel to the Marcus Rashford Book Club Selected book A Dinosaur Ate My Sister. 'Before you start reading, there are a few things you should know:1. I, Esha...

  • Stick Boy and the Rise of the Robots

    Stick Boy and the Rise of the Robots

    • Paul Coomey
    • Little Tiger Press Group
    • ISBN13: 9781788953245
    • Published: 14-04-2022

    It's tough fitting in when you're born to stick out!   When Baron Ben gives the residents of Little Town an exciting new gadget that lets them explore virtual worlds, they can't wait to try it out! Before long everyone is plugged into their techy treats. Everyone that is, except Stick Boy. Lef...

  • Hedgewitch


    • Skye McKenna
    • Welbeck Publishing Group
    • ISBN13: 9781801300087
    • Published: 14-04-2022

    First in a five-book series for readers of Nevermoor, The Worst Witch and The Dark Is Rising. Cassie Morgan has run away. After seven years spent waiting for her mother to return, she flees her dreary boarding school and sets out to find her. But the world outside her school is full of...

  • Blood to Poison

    Blood to Poison

    • Mary Watson
    • Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
    • ISBN13: 9781526619174
    • Published: 14-04-2022

    17-year-old Savannah is cursed. It's a sinister family heirloom; passed down through the bloodline for hundreds of years, with one woman in every generation destined to die young. The family call them Hella's girls, named for their ancestor Hella; the enslaved woman with whom it all began....

  • Every Cloud

    Every Cloud

    • Ros Roberts
    • Little Tiger Press Group
    • ISBN13: 9781788953467
    • Published: 14-04-2022

    Amy feels like everything is going wrong. For a start, she's just found out she isn't going to the same high school as everyone else. Add to that her annoying younger brothers, Pops' worsening dementia and Cassie, her supposed best friend, being meaner than ever, and Amy's summer is not lookin...

  • Coming Up For Air

    Coming Up For Air

    • Lou Abercrombie
    • Little Tiger Press Group
    • ISBN13: 9781788953184
    • Published: 14-04-2022

    When Coco moves to the seaside town where her mum grew up, she's excited to make friends and find out more about the family her mum has kept from her. What she doesn't expect is to be met with resentment from the community. Whatever secrets her mum's hiding, they run deep.  But Coco is determi...

  • Truth be Told

    Truth be Told

    • Sue Divin
    • Pan Macmillan
    • ISBN13: 9781529040982
    • Published: 14-04-2022

    The gripping new YA novel from Sue Divin, the acclaimed and Carnegie shortlisted author of Guard Your Heart.Northern Ireland. 2019.  Tara has been raised by her mam and nan in Derry City. Faith lives in rural Armagh.  Their lives on opposite s...

  • The Boys

    The Boys

    • Lauren Ace, Jenny Lovlie
    • Little Tiger Press Group
    • ISBN13: 9781838914172
    • Published: 14-04-2022

    The boys had been friends for as long as they could remember and a little while before that. They were like brothers.    Follow the adventures of Tam, Rey, Nattie and Bobby - four boys who share a friendship that will last a lifetime.  From playing on the beach as babies to nav...