Schools & Libraries Book Reviews


  • Little Santa

    Little Santa

    Name: Maria
    01 December 2022;

    Genre: Picture Books

    Do you know the story of Santa's childhood? Well this is just the book you need to read to discover what happened to Little Santa! In the North Pole Little Santa lives with his family and life is tough in the cold and in the snow. His family are miserable and decide to...

  • Together with You

    Together With You

    Name: Jennifer Bevan
    28 November 2022;

    Genre: Family & Home

    This book is about spending time with Grandma in every season. The young child in the story looks excited to go into Grandma's house, just as my own children are when they go to there Grandparents' home. I liked the illustrations and the fun the child and Grandma are having each day. A nice bo...

  • The Repair Shop Stories: The Christmas Doll

    The Christmas Doll

    Name: Jennifer Bevan
    27 November 2022;

    Genre: Family & Home

    A lovely book telling the story of why an old toy is so special. The Christmas Doll describes how an old toy is taken to The Repair Shop to be fixed. The lady in the story then goes on to explain how she got the doll and why it is so important to her. My daughter and I...

  • Into the Sideways World

    Into the Sideways World

    Name: Ellora Age 11
    27 November 2022;

    Genre: Science Fiction

    Ross Welford is an exceptionally brilliant author with his mind blowing time books and Into The Sideways World is no exception. I read this book in one sitting, so mesmerised with the way he writes. I love how he involved the future and a different world into this book it's am...

  • It's Behind You

    It's Behind You

    Name: Abi Age 11
    27 November 2022;

    Genre: Suspense & Thrillers

    It was amazing, perfect for best friends to read at a sleepover at 3am!

  • Murder At Snowfall

    Murder at Snowfall

    Name: Ruth Cornish
    22 November 2022;

    Genre: Mystery & Detective

    Murder at Snowfall, the latest murder mystery from Fleur Hitchcock, is an exciting middle grade book featuring realistic characters with real life issues in addition to a thrilling sideline in detective work. The atmosphere created by the author is as chilling as the season as...

  • SuperQuesters: The Case of the Missing Memory

    Super Questers: The Case of the Missing Memory

    Name: Wendy Kelly
    22 November 2022;

    Genre: Adventure

    I love these Super Questers books! They are written to promote problem solving, reasoning and a love of STEM. The characters are engaging and diverse and the stories are interesting. I particularly like the fact that each quest is a separate chapter, with an interactive elemen...

  • Timid


    Name: Wendy Kelly
    22 November 2022;

    Genre: Representation & Inclusion

    On the face of it, Timid is a great story about a child whose shyness and fears manifest as a huge lion that follows him around. The story sees him team up with another shy child and they explore ways to build confidence so that they can perform together in the school talent s...

  • Eight Nights, Eight Lights

    Eight Nights, Eight Lights

    Name: Wendy Kelly
    22 November 2022;

    Genre: Picture Books

    What an absolute delight of a book! Eight Nights, Eight Lights tells the story of a community celebrating Chanukah (Hanukkah), the Jewish Festival of Lights, and beautifully builds up the excitement of the children lighting a candle each day amongst all the other traditional o...

  • Midwinter Burning

    Midwinter Burning

    Name: Sue Wilsher
    22 November 2022;

    Genre: Historical Fiction

    Evacuated away from London and his indifferent mother, Alfie Wright thrives in his new life with 'Auntie' Bell and her son, Ted, at Coombe Farm in Devon. A sensitive, different boy, he is no longer 'Alfie Wrong', but is cared for, managing to make friends with Smidge, a mysterious lad Alfie me...