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  • Clash of the Rival Robots

    Adventures of the Steampunk Pirates: Clash of the Rival Robots

    Name: Hayley Nicholson
    30 October 2015;

    Genre: Adventure

    Hoist the mainsail! Gareth P. Jones really is on a roll with his Steampunk Pirates. This series just keeps getting better. The pirates are now well and truly settled into their sea-dog profession and are once again being challenged by the dastardly British Empire - this time with the King taking...

  • Knight in Training: A Very Bothersome Bear: Book 3

    Knight in Training - A Very Bothersome Bear

    Name: June Hughes
    29 October 2015;

    Genre: Adventure

    Sam J. Butterbiggins is a Knight-in-Training. In the first book of the series he acquired a True Companion, in the second, a Noble Steed and now, in the third book, the magic scroll has given instructions on how he may go about obtaining a Goodly Sword. Readers of the previous books will already...

  • The Queen's Handbag

    The Queens Handbag

    Name: Marie Berry
    28 October 2015;

    Genre: Adventure

    This is the wonderfully funny tale of the adventures of our one and only Royal Majesty the Queen as she travels the length and breadth of the British Isles looking for her handbag which has been stolen by a rather sneaky swan. I loved the fact that this book gave the queen a really human quality...

  • The Cake the Wolf and the Witch

    The Cake, the Wolf and the Witch

    Name: Rachel Esling
    27 October 2015;

    Genre: Adventure

    I loved this book as soon as I started reading it and it only got better as I followed Max on his quest to rescue Wild. I read its 234 pages in only three sittings (it would have been less if real life hadnt got in the way!) so gripped was I by the confident and funny writing. The plot isnt new,...

  • Wilf the Mighty Worrier Saves the World: Book 1

    Wilf the Mighty Worrier Saves the World

    Name: Rachel Esling
    27 October 2015;

    Genre: Adventure

    Wilf is not the bravest boy in the class but he has many strategies for dealing with his worries. It's handy that he is getting to grips with these worries as his new next door neighbour, Alan, is definitely a cause for worry! Helped by his stinky sister and his pet woodlouse, Wilf attempts to s...

  • Pablo & Jane And The Hot Air Time Contraption

    Pablo &Jane and the Hot air Contraption

    Name: Lizi Coombs
    25 October 2015;

    Genre: Adventure

    I'm not sure how I feel about this book; initially I felt that it would be great for reluctant readers; every page is fast paced with dynamic pictures and the story has an exciting plot that follows Pablo and Jane as they go off to explore 'The Old House on the Hill', stumbling upon a 'hot air c...

  • Lockdown

    Urban Outlaws: Lockdown

    Name: ReadingZone
    22 October 2015;

    Genre: Adventure

    Fans of series including Alex Rider and TimeRiders will thoroughly enjoy these fast-paced, gadget-laden stories in which a group of highly talented and motivated teenagers - the 'Urban Outlaws' of the piece - grapple with computer viruses, shadowy mentors and some very bad guys. Lockdown is the t...

  • Grumbug


    Name: Lucy Russell
    21 October 2015;

    Genre: Adventure

    Oliver's best friend is a troll, and together they run a cafe in the woods, where trolls come to eat Oliver's delicious cakes, instead of children. But when his little sister Dolly goes missing one day, Oliver and Troll must head to Munch Mountain to find her before Grumbug, the biggest hungriest...

  • Vikings in the Supermarket

    Vikings in the Supermarket

    Name: Alison Kelly
    20 October 2015;

    Genre: Adventure

    Nick Sharratt's unique illustrations will entice children into his first collection of poetry. They dominate the pages providing a wonderful scaffold into the poems themselves. Populated by a host of appealing characters (including the Vikings of the title, a mermaid, pirate, vampire bat and a ro...

  • A Great Big Cuddle: Poems for the Very Young

    A Great Big Cuddle

    Name: Alison Kelly
    20 October 2015;

    Genre: Adventure

    What a treat! This great BIG book of poems comes from the work of not one, but two children's laureates and is a delight from start to finish. There is everything that you could possibly ask for in a collection of poetry for young children: Rosen's beautifully judged poems set alongside and in am...