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  • Here be Dragons: The Snowdonia Chronicles: Book One

    Here Be Dragons: The Snowdonia Chronicles

    Name: Karen Poolton
    20 October 2015;

    Genre: Fantasy

    Ellie Morgan lives with her mother in a remote farmhouse on Mount Snowdon. We meet Ellie on Christmas Day with Snowdon in the grip of a severe snowstorm. There is no power and Ellie and her Mum are called out by the Mountain Rescue team to help rescue a girl who has gone missing on the mountai...

  • The Diamond Thief

    The Diamond Thief

    Name: Katie Lancaster
    20 October 2015;

    Genre: Adventure

    I was hooked from the start, stumbling into a world so unlike my own it was both daunting and intriguing. This novel begins sixty feet in the air in the middle of a circus ring, with Remy, the star act revealing her aptitude for heights. Remy's talents in the circus tent also make her an integral...

  • My Name's Not Friday

    My Name's Not Friday

    Name: Katie Lancaster
    20 October 2015;

    Genre: Adventure

    Set in the American south during the American civil war, this book is about a boy who believes very much that he is being guided by the hand of God even when he is lead into a path of slavery and hardship. Although not altogether unlike other books set during this period, what is compelling about...

  • Liquidator


    Name: Carol Brown
    20 October 2015;

    Fans of Trash will also enjoy Liquidator, the new book from author Andy Mulligan whose earlier book as also been made into a film. Like Trash, Liquidator is told from various points of view and also like the first book, the pace never lets up as the protagonists face one life-threatening situatio...

  • The Last Summer of Us

    The Last Summer of Us

    Name: Victoria Dilly
    20 October 2015;

    Genre: Friends and family

    The opening few pages of the book had me thinking was this going to be another maudlin, teenage story that made me feel depressed. I say that because much of YA fiction today seems to be full of misery and pain, but this was actually not the case. Yes there was sadness and frustration and some...

  • The Boy at the Top of the Mountain

    The Boy at the Top of the Mountain

    Name: j.Hambleton
    19 October 2015;

    Genre: Adventure

    The Boy at the Top of the Mountain is another fascinating story from the pen of John Boyne. Set before and during the Second World War, it traces the path of orphaned Pierrot, from his home in Paris via the orphanage to the Berghof, the retreat of Hitler high in the Bavarian Alps. It is during...

  • The Ghosts of Heaven

    The Ghosts of Heaven

    Name: Dawn Woods
    18 October 2015;

    Genre: Adventure

    Described as a novel in four parts, each part able to be read in any order, The Ghosts of Heaven describes essentially good people who are dragged into a spiral beyond their control. Their lives take unexpected paths, during which they discover more about themselves, although...

  • All My Secrets

    All My Secrets

    Name: Mark White
    15 October 2015;

    Genre: Adventure

    Sophie McKenzie has run the gamut of almost every literary genre from War (Time Train to the Blitz) to Romance (Defy The Stars/Falling Fast et al) via Thriller (The Medusa Project) and Mystery (Girl, Missing series). The Flynn/River saga placed the author firmly in the Teen/Young Adult category,...

  • Gawain Greytail and the Terrible Tab

    Gawain Greytail and the Terrible Tab

    Name: Lizi Coombs
    11 October 2015;

    Genre: Animals

    Sir Tristan of Raven Castle has a terrible mouse problem so buys a Terrible Tab. The cat hunts down the mice until only three remain. The future looks dim, but luckily these mice are saved by the arrival of Gawain Greytail, a fierce mouse knight who teaches them the ways and leads them to defe...

  • Mad in the Back

    Mad in the Back

    Name: Lizi Coombs
    11 October 2015;

    Genre: Adventure

    I'm a big fan of Michael Rosen - I like his funny real-ness (It is a word - honest!) and this book is no exception. Mad in the Back is a car journey that we've all had - infact, we've all been the two children who go 'mad in the back'....and we've all had the Mum who threatens (and then does!) st...