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  • Listen to the Moon

    Listen to the Moon

    Name: Dorne Fraser
    24 November 2014;

    Genre: Adventure

    It is May, 1915, and Alfie and his fisherman father find a girl on one of the uninhabited islands in the Scillies. She is injured, alone and frightened with no memory of how she came to the island, in fact no memory of who she is or where she came from. The only word she utters is Lucy and everyo...

  • The Return of Johnny Kemp

    The Return of Johnny Kemp

    Name: Helen Swinyard
    22 November 2014;

    Genre: Adventure

    This short and well-crafted school story from Keith Gray adds to the decent stock from dyslexic-friendly editions from Barrington Stoke. Gray creates a realistic and familiar world of school and teenage life, with honest and believable dialogue. The main character Dan tells us his story in a day,...

  • The Wrong Side of the Galaxy: Book 1

    The Wrong Side of the Galaxy

    Name: Helen Swinyard
    22 November 2014;

    Genre: Adventure

    Dispensing with explanation, Thomson's hero Harry wakes up very confused - we as readers know as little as Harry does. Luckily Harry has watched lots of sci-fi on TV, and he's pretty clever, and ironically 'down to earth' which means he manages to escape and navigate his way around aliens, spaces...

  • Respect

    Respect. The Walter Tull Story

    Name: Kate Kenward
    18 November 2014;

    Genre: Representation & Inclusion

    I think it is fantastic that Walter Tull's story has been written about for young people, he really was an inspiring man. I am glad that more books for struggling readers are telling true stories and I enjoyed learning about Walter's. My first point is that this book is printed on dyslexia frien...

  • Temple Run: Jungle Trek

    Temple Run series

    Name: Leighton Age 11
    13 November 2014;

    Genre: Adventure

    I recommend this book to all students and teachers that like a sense of adventure

  • Temple Run: Doom Lagoon

    Temple Run

    Name: Jack Age 11
    13 November 2014;

    Genre: Adventure

    Personally, I do not like to read but after looking at the temple run books my opinion on reading has changed. If my library has more of these books I will be in there all the time. Great if they are linked to do a quiz as that is what we have to do at school after we have read a book.

  • Black Ice

    Black Ice

    Name: lynn Roulstone
    13 November 2014;

    Genre: Adventure

    Britt and her best friend Korbie get caught in a snowstorm on their way to a cabin in the mountains for a holiday with Korbie's brother Calvin, who is also her ex-boyfriend. Abandoning their car, they think they've found refuge in a cabin with two young men, one of whom Britt met earlier at a gas...

  • The Bane Chronicles

    The Bane Chronicles (Mortal Instruments)

    Name: Sophie Castle
    12 November 2014;

    Genre: Adventure

    This set of short stories is based around the life of Magnus Bane, a Warlock from The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices series. It gives the reader a much closer insight into the life of a Downworlder, which includes the races of Werewolf, Warlocks, Fairies and Vampires. They are portra...

  • Moone Boy: The Blunder Years

    Moone Boy - The Blunder Years

    Name: Melanie Chadwick
    12 November 2014;

    Genre: Adventure

    I was pleasantly surprised by this book; it's not just another copy-cat Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Martin Moone is a kid with plenty of problems and no imagination. He is overwhelmed by his three sisters, his mum and dad seem have given up on him as a general disappointment, and he has the Bonner Bro...

  • The Butterfly Lion

    The Butterfly lion

    Name: vip Age 9
    06 November 2014;

    Genre: Animals

    They are inseprable until Bertie is sent to boarding school.