All the Wonderful Ways to Read

All the Wonderful Ways to Read

By Author / Illustrator

Laura Baker, illus Sandra de la Prada


Early Readers & Young Fiction

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A delightful story by Laura Baker, illustrated with warmth and humour by Sandra de la Prada, that celebrates reading in all its forms.

Books take us on journeys that we can all share,
And give us the power to go anywhere....
So no matter just how, or what book,
or your speed, what I wish for NOW . . .
Is that YOU love to read!

This fantastic book inspires ALL children to find their own wonderful way of reading. Little bookworms who love A Child of Books by Oliver Jeffers and Sam Winston, Wolves by Emily Gravett and Books Always Everywhere by Jane Blatt and Sarah Massini will adore All the Wonderful Ways to Read.  Also available in paperback.

Laura Baker shares All the Wonderful Ways to Read. Find out more in our Q&A with Laura.




Love reading? Or are you not sure that reading is for you.. or that you are doing it right.. or maybe you think you're getting too old! (GASP!) Then this beautifully illustrated and creative picture book is a must. Whether you choose to read a whole book, flick through pictures, read quickly or slowly then it's ok. However, wherever and whatever you choose, there are many adventures awaiting you and giving you the power to go anywhere, escaping the chaos of the world.

All the Wonderful Ways to Read is a great book to use with all children to engage and enthuse them about reading. And as we fast approach World Book Day, it is the perfect resource to introduce any activities and challenges that may be coming up.. I wonder who will read in the most unusual place? And as the author sums up perfectly at the end… 'No matter just how, or what book, or your speed, what I wish for NOW… Is that YOU love to read!'

Picture book / Reviewed by Maria, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 5+


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