Dave Pigeon

Dave Pigeon

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Swapna Haddow, Sheena Dempsey



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Faber & Faber




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WINNER of the Greenhouse Funny Prize; SHORTLISTED for the Sainsbury's Book Award and numerous regional awards, this hilarious series is adored by its readers!If you can read this, you obviously understand Pigeonese. You may read my book.If you're a cat and you've learnt Pigeonese . . . (HA HA HA! As if a cat would be smart enough to learn Pigeonese). This must mean if you are a cat and you are able to read this, you have taken a pigeon hostage so that you can trick them into translating the Pigeonese words into Meow. I demand you release the hostage pigeon now. My book contains TOP SECRET ideas that are NONE of a cat's business.Dave Pigeon is writing a book on how he defeated Mean Cat in order to help fellow pigeons everywhere. Cats beware! A hilarious debut for 6+ readers with black and white illustrations by the superbly talented Sheena Dempsey.'A hilarious new series.' Angels and Urchins'A really enjoyable read for children just moving into chapter books.' Books for Keeps'Readers will love this action packed story about friendship, bravery and the lengths a pigeon will go to to secure themselves a crumbly treat.' Reading Zone'I can't imagine any child not loving Dave and waiting excitedly for his next adventure.' Serendipity Reviews'Readers will love it as it is full of daring and bravery, and much backfiring of ridiculous schemes and much crossing out.' The School Librarian



Cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a peanut in my eye - the daring tale of best pigeon friends Dave and Skipper, as they attempt to rid themselves and their new home, from 'Mean Cat'. The feather-filled story begins with the friends recalling their first meeting during a failed croissant heist. Life doesn't get much better for pigeons Dave and Skipper as they struggle for their meagre existence on leftovers and when tempted by a crumby treat, Dave is attacked by fiery ginger Mean Cat. Fortunately Dave is rescued by a nice human lady (also the owner of Mean Cat) and taken back to her palatial shed to recover. Things seem to be on the up - if only they can rid themselves of Mean Cat! The story then follows of the mostly failed plans of our bantering heroes as they plot the demise of the cat that threatens to destroy the future of generations of pigeons (slight exaggeration) and seal for themselves a golden future of biscuits - the nice ones with the jam in the middle. Written in 'Pigeonese' (no translation necessary) on the typewriter of Swapna Haddow this hilarious story will have you laughing from cover to cover. It is refreshing to find such a witty book that does not need to resort to toilet humour to be incredible funny. The occasional breaks in the story as Dave and Skipper converse back and forth in speech bubbles is cleverly done and the evolution of their plan to expel Mean Cat resulting in lots of revisions and crossings out is another clever additional to the book. Sheena Dempsy is an incredibly talented illustrator and has added additional life and humour to Swampa Haddow's terrifically funny, characterful pigeons. Her double page spreads add brilliant comic timing and literally make the story a real page turner. The only downside of this book is that it ends so abruptly and we are left desperate to find out what happens next, there are so many unanswered questions- will Dave and Skipper live happily ever after with tummies full of biscuits (the jammy ones)? Have they finally rid themselves of Mean Cat? And how did they manage to get hold of Swapna Haddow's typewriter in the first place? Recommended to anyone who loves a giggle. This book will be adored by newly independent readers as it promises 'no boring bits'. Readers will love this action packed story about friendship, bravery and the lengths a pigeon will go to to secure themselves a crumbly treat. Review by Emily Beale, primary school librarian.

Suggested Reading Age 7+


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