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Thomas Taylor, George Ermos



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Walker Books Ltd




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There's a storm raging in Eerie-on-Sea. Has the mighty Gargantis come back from the deep...?

When an ancient bottle is found washed up on the beach after a ferocious electrical storm, all the residents of Eerie-on-Sea seem to want it ... but should they in fact fear it? Legend has it that the bottle contains an extraordinary secret that spells doom for the whole of Eerie-on-Sea. Could it be true that the vast sea creature Gargantis has awoken from her slumbers, and is causing the large cracks that are appearing all across the town? Finding themselves entrusted with the bottle, Herbie and Violet discover they will need to ride the terrible storm and pacify the creature if they want to save Eerie-on-Sea from sliding into the ocean and being lost for ever.

See also: Malamander, Shadowghast, Festergrimm



This is the eagerly anticipated sequel to Malamander, last year's debut children's book by Thomas Taylor. Like Malamander, Gargantis is set in Eerie-on Sea and features Herbie Lemon, the Lost and Founder of the Nautilus Hotel, as well as Herbie Lemon and his friend Violet Parma and a host of other colourful characters.

The story is set in the middle of gigantic storms that threaten the very existence of Eerie-on-Sea. At the same time, a mysterious bottle is washed up on the shore and a very strange stranger has checked into the hotel. Apart from the bottle, Herbie has also had a strange mechanical creature handed in to the Lost and Found. These events are all connected, and Herbie and Violet (and Erwin the cat) must work together to solve the mystery and save Eerie.

The characters as well as the setting are strong and interesting. A common theme is that the really monstrous creatures are more likely to be people than monsters. The story is once again woven around the myths and legends of Eerie. If you liked the first book you will definitely like this one, too - for such an anticipated sequel it does not let the reader down.

I think this is possibly even better than Malamander - knowing the characters and the setting helps the story to gallop along at breakneck speed. As before, I loved the characters' clever names and the setting is so brilliantly evoked you can easily imagine it - yes, it seems designed to become a film or a TV series, which I would definitely watch!

I can see this being a great class read aloud book - the sort that children don't want to stop reading, even when it is home time!

352 pages / Reviewed by Jacqueline Harris, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 9+


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