Shelly Hen Lays Eggs

Shelly Hen Lays Eggs

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Deborah Chancellor, illus Julia Groves



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Scallywag Press








A little boy follows Shelly Hen as she searches for food, hangs out with her flock and lays a tasty fresh egg. At the end is a simple quiz and some extra information to stimulate exploring minds.This is the third title in a stylish, fact-filled, narrative non-fiction series, Follow My Food, designed to help children understand and appreciate where their food comes from. It encourages children to be environmentally aware and respect animals and the people who produce food.

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I have already enjoyed other books in the 'Follow My Food' series - see also Milly Cow Gives Milk, Polly Bee Makes Honey - and found Shelly Hen Lays Eggs just as stylish and informative. This is a brilliant, simple series for introducing young children aged 3+ to where their food comes from and also to non-fiction texts.

In this book, after taking us through a day for Shelly Hen - including sand baths, pecking for food, and hanging out with the flock - Shelly Hen settles for the night and in the morning, lays an egg which the farmer collects. We see the farmer's son eating the egg for breakfast, completing the cycle of where our food comes from.

At the end of the book is a page activity that explores more facts about hens, and reminds us of some of the words we have learned through the story, like 'coop' and 'flock', followed by a page of more indepth information about chickens.

A really lovely series, stylish and great to share and a perfect introduction to farms, where our food comes from, and non-fiction texts for young children EYFS and KS1.

Picture book / Reviewed by Elen Green

Suggested Reading Age 3+


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