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Posted on Monday, September 12, 2022
Category: Authors Q&As

If you could find yourself in any book you wanted to, which story would it be? Choose carefully....

Discover what inspired Anna James's bestselling series, Pages and Co, about the magic of stories, which book she would like to 'bookwander' into, and where she'd like to travel on the 'Quip'! Plus enjoy a short reading from The Treehouse Library (Pages & Co).

Read a chapter from Pages & Co: The Treehouse Library

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More about The Treehouse Library:     As Tilly and Milo hurtle towards their final showdown with the Alchemist, the stakes are higher than ever!   Milo Bolt is ready to be the hero of his own story. With Uncle Horatio trapped in an enchanted sleep by the power-hungry Alchemist, he sets off with his new friend Alessia to find a cure and save them all.  

Their journey leads them to the magical treehouse - home of the Botanist, the Alchemist's sworn enemy. Against the clock, they hunt for the cure: foraging in the Secret Garden, challenging Robin Hood and confronting the mighty Jabberwock.  But the Alchemist will stop at nothing to unlock the powerful secrets of The Book of Books, and Tilly, Pages & Co. and the whole world of imagination are under threat as a battle for the fate of bookwandering is set in motion . . .

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