Young Adult Book Reviews


  • Last One To Die

    Last One To Die

    Name: Maddie Age 13
    05 May 2021;

    Genre: Supernatural

    Niamh has never left her home country of Ireland and so she has high hopes when she moves to London for a summer of drama school. But on her first night she finds the dead body of a murdered, fellow student and within no time, more girls start to be attacked as well. Soon she realises they all...

  • The Yearbook

    The Yearbook

    Name: Lucy Georgeson
    03 May 2021;

    Genre: Bullying

    A new Holly Bourne novel is always a cause for celebration and this one is absolutely no exception - I think it's actually her best yet! Year 11 student, Paige Vickers has spent her life doing her best not to be noticed, remaining neutral and not standing out. She steers clear of 'The Awfuls'...

  • Feast of the Evernight

    Feast of the Evernight

    Name: Donna Ritchie
    01 May 2021;

    Genre: Fantasy

    This sequel to Evernight certainly doesn't disappoint. Larabelle Fox is back, along with Joe (fellow tosher), Bernie Whitecrow and Double Eight, as well as new intriguing characters such as Ivy and Director Younger. Al...

  • We Were Wolves

    Name: Lucy Georgeson
    30 April 2021;

    Genre: Friends and family

    In We Were Wolves, Boy lives in a caravan on his own in the woods. His dad, John, is in prison and promises to get out soon. All the boy needs to do is survive alone for a little while longer. But dark forces are circling ... like the dangerous man in the Range Rover, w...

  • The Supreme Lie

    The Supreme Lie

    Name: Catherine Purcell
    30 April 2021;

    Genre: Adventure

    In The Supreme Lie, it's 1928 and Afalia faces a natural disaster. Unprecedented rain coupled with unimaginable quantities of snowmelt from volcanic activity has caused the Furca River to burst its banks. The entirety of the Furca river basin, the forests, the sawmills, the we...

  • Zed and the Cormorants: 2021

    Zed and the cormorants

    Name: Catherine Purcell
    28 April 2021;

    Genre: Supernatural

    A Cornish mystery; cormorants, curses, warm bread rolls and ghosts. Zed's family have moved from London to rural Cornwall to begin a new, idyllic life. In London, Zed's dad was finding himself ever absent due to work commitments, Zed's mum's depression was threatening to overwhelm her, Zed's s...

  • When the Sky Falls

    When the Sky Falls

    Name: Bryony Davies
    21 April 2021;

    Genre: Historical Fiction

    When the Sky Falls is a thrilling World War II story set against the backdrop of the Blitz. Joseph is sent into the city in 1941 to live with Mrs F, a stranger who does not like children and who is struggling to survive the hardships of war. Mrs F owns a zoo in London with a few remaini...

  • Feast of the Evernight

    Feast of the Evernight

    Name: Clare Wilkins
    20 April 2021;

    Genre: Fantasy

    I loved the first Evernight book – darkness, magic and wonderful heroes and heroines – and soon slipped right back into the enchanting world of The Silver Kingdom. Larabelle Fox and her trusty friends, Joe and Double Eight have rescued the White Witches and defeated the Evernight. The e...

  • Kid: A History of The Future

    Kid: a history of the future

    Name: Linda Brown
    19 April 2021;

    Genre: Dystopian

    Kid is a debut novel, the first in a trilogy and 614 pages long however, it didn't take me too long to get to the end as it's an engaging, well planned out and written plot with likeable, funny and relatable characters. Joshua Jones - or 'Kid' as he's known - is an Offliner who lives in...

  • Eve out of Her Ruins

    Eve out of her Ruins

    Name: Sharon Bolton
    19 April 2021;

    Genre: Real life

    Eve Out Of Her Ruins is not a book for the faint-hearted in an extremely positive way. Ananda Devi does not shy away from the bleak life outcomes of four young Mauritians. She paints a picture of social deprivation, fear, violence and gender inequality with a very detailed bru...