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  • Ganglands: Brazil


    Name: Josh Age 13
    18 October 2010;

    Genre: Real life

    The reason why I recommend this book to you is because Ross uses good english technics.

  • Pretty Bad Things

    Pretty Bad Things

    Name: Rosie Age 13
    14 October 2010;

    Genre: Real life

    I personally loved this book. Whilst it is quite grown up with lots of sexual references and a swear word on nearly every page it has a lot of character and you cannot put it down. The story is constantly gripping and you can really feel everything beau and paisley are portrayed to be feeling. I...

  • Cookie


    Name: Rebecca Age 11
    28 September 2010;

    Genre: Bullying

    I liked this book because I like real life stories and her mum's really nice, as well as her almost best friend, Rhona.

  • Infinite Days

    Infinite Days

    Name: Katherine Age 13
    24 September 2010;

    Its a fun read with teenage romance, with the quick pace of a fantansy novel.A good read for both boys and girls

  • To Kill A Mockingbird: 60th Anniversary Edition

    To kill a mockingbird

    Name: Claire Age 13
    21 September 2010;

    Genre: Books set in the past

    It is an unforgettable story and I could not put it down!

  • Reckless


    Name: Rosie Age 13
    07 September 2010;

    Genre: Fantasy

    I'd recommend this book because it is both fast-paced and extremely descriptive all in one. You travel into the mirror world with Jacob and feel his worry for his brother, his excitement at the world around him and the darkness of the mirror world. Clara is my personal favourite character because...

  • First Term

    First Term At Malory Towers

    Name: Maya Age 13
    06 September 2010;

    Genre: Adventure

    I really like this book because it is really fun and it shows you what life is like at boarding school, and you get to know a lot of the characters very well. There are 5 more books in the series but this is the first one :)

  • Stolen


    Name: Rosie Age 13
    15 August 2010;

    Genre: Young fiction

    This book takes patience to really enjoy it. The story line is slow to start but once you get into it it is impossible to put down! The description is great and you can really get into Gem's mind so you always know exactly how she feels. You will be fascinated to experience life through her ey...

  • Fallen Grace

    Fallen Grace

    Name: Iffath Age 13
    29 July 2010;

    Genre: Books set in the past

    Poor Grace has been through so much, having to sell watercress on the streets to survive, as well as looking after Lily, who's not capable of looking after herself. She was smart, admirable, and quite fierce at times. Lily was a sweet girl, the fact that she relied on Grace (a lot) made her sound...

  • Varjak Paw

    Varjak Paw

    Name: Ella Age 8
    26 July 2010;

    I love all the adventures that happen. It's terrible to think what would happen if you bump into Sally Bones, the leader of a vicious gang in the book.