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  • My Hidden Chimp: The new book from the author of The Chimp Paradox

    Name: Sam Phillips
    02 October 2021;

    Genre: Information books

    Written by Professor Steve Peters, the author of The Chimp Paradox, this fab book is aimed at helping children to understand and manage their thoughts emotions and behaviours My Hidden Chimp is an easy to read book, complete with colourful illustrations, that encourages its reader to explore the...

  • Name: Lucy Georgeson
    03 August 2021;

    Cardboard Cowboys is the first middle grade book from author Brian Conaghan and it absolutely does not disappoint. Lenny blames his size for everything. He thinks his mum and dad don't love him anymore and that they blame him for what happened to his older brother, Frankie. He gets picked on a...

  • Name: Louisa Farrow
    03 July 2021;

    If anyone can find a silver lining in a rain cloud, it will be Joy Applebloom. Her whole life has been spent travelling the world with her adventurous parents. Then, without warning, they return to a nondescript part of England to look after her grandfather. His humdrum life is hidebound by rou...

  • The Worrying Worries

    Name: Sue Wilsher
    03 June 2021;

    Genre: Mental Health & Wellbeing

    When a little child finds a worry, they decide to keep it as a pet and take it everywhere with them. Soon, the worry starts to take over their life, making it hard for them to do anything that they normally enjoy. Feeding on fears, the worry grows to such an extent that the child knows they can n...

  • Luna Loves Art

    Name: Sue Wilsher
    03 June 2021;

    Genre: Adventure

    Luna is bursting with excitement. Today, her class are going on a school trip to an art gallery and mum is coming as a parent helper. Everyone is looking forward to going - except Finn. At the gallery, there is so much to see and do, but Finn is not behaving and there is obviously something wrong...

  • Old Macdonald Had a Phone

    Name: Sue Wilsher
    03 June 2021;

    Genre: Picture Books

    Old Macdonald loves his phone. It helps him to organise things on the farm and keep it running smoothly. However, when he needs to order a new one, he ends up with a hundred, meaning all the animals get one of their own. Soon, they are all addicted to their phones and nothing on the farm gets don...

  • When the Sky Falls

    When the Sky Falls

    Name: Bryony Davies
    21 April 2021;

    Genre: Historical Fiction

    When the Sky Falls is a thrilling World War II story set against the backdrop of the Blitz. Joseph is sent into the city in 1941 to live with Mrs F, a stranger who does not like children and who is struggling to survive the hardships of war. Mrs F owns a zoo in London with a few remaini...

  • The Smidgens

    The Smidgens

    Name: Megan Webb
    21 April 2021;

    Genre: Adventure

    Smidgens are tiny people, and the Sprout family believes they could be the last of their kind. Until one day, Gafferty Sprout stumbles upon an atlas that reveals there might be more to the history of the Smidgens than her family once thought. The Smidgens follows Gaffer...

  • Harklights

    Name: Jacqueline Harris
    20 April 2021;

    Genre: Environment

    Wick (not his real name) is an orphan working at the Harklights match factory and orphanage. Conditions for the orphans, whose real names are taken from them when they arrive, are simply appalling. Ma Bogey runs the place with an iron thumb, a stick and a gun. Anyone who dares displease her ru...

  • Feast of the Evernight

    Feast of the Evernight

    Name: Clare Wilkins
    20 April 2021;

    Genre: Fantasy

    I loved the first Evernight book – darkness, magic and wonderful heroes and heroines – and soon slipped right back into the enchanting world of The Silver Kingdom. Larabelle Fox and her trusty friends, Joe and Double Eight have rescued the White Witches and defeated the Evernight. The e...