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  • War of the Wind

    War of the Wind

    Name: Louisa Farrow
    22 September 2023;

    Genre: Representation & Inclusion

    14-year-old Max lives on a remote Scottish island and is seething with anger and frustration. An accident on his father's trawler has left him deaf and isolated from his former friends. A new baby in the family only makes matters worse; he's convinced that his parents want to replace him with...

  • A Dinosaur at the Bus Stop: Poems to Have Fun With!

    A Dinosaur at the Bus Stop: Poems to Have Fun With

    Name: Wendy Kelly
    22 September 2023;

    Genre: Poetry

    A Dinosaur at the Bus Stop: Poems to Have Fun With is a lovely little book of engaging poems, ideal for six, seven and eight-year-olds. Each poem is short, clear and accompanied by wonderful black and white line drawings. There is a range of subjects but the main thing about t...

  • Sala, Mountain Warrior

    Sala, Mountain Warrior

    Name: Wendy Kelly
    21 September 2023;

    Genre: Personal Growth

    Sala, Mountain Warrior is a lovely picture book which tells a great story of girl power. Sala loves listening to her grandma's tales of their family and homeland, which she uses the colourful wooden beads on her necklace to remind her of. Sala is excited to learn that there is...

  • Ancient Love Stories

    Ancient Love Stories: The Most Remarkable Romances in History

    Name: Sue Wilsher
    20 September 2023;

    Genre: Romance & Relationships

    Ancient Love Stories retells some of the greatest romances in history, showing that love is a familiar theme across time and culture. The book starts by introducing Sappho, who knew 'how to write about love'. Acknowledging we know little of her, the author explores her life an...

  • Geoffrey Gets the Jitters

    Geoffrey Gets the Jitters

    Name: Wendy Kelly
    19 September 2023;

    Genre: Mental Health & Wellbeing

    Anyone who already knows Nadia's other books, in particular Barbara Throws a Wobbler, will know what to expect in this hilarious new picture book. Poor Geoffrey - he tells everyone he is okay, when he very clearly is not. You see, he's got a bad c...

  • The Magic Hour

    The Magic Hour

    Name: Donna Burkert
    18 September 2023;

    Genre: Adventure

    Imagine if there was a place that could gift you a magic hour in your day. Imagine if you could spend that hour doing all the things you never had time for. You could read, play sports, finish your homework, learn a new language...anything! Imagine if you were one of the few who knew about thi...

  • Clive Penguin

    Clive Penguin

    Name: Maria
    18 September 2023;

    Genre: Animals

    Clive Penguin is not a happy penguin because in fact he doesn't like the cold! He dreams of being elsewhere, in the sunshine, and dreams of being someone else. He embarks on a journey which is cleverly illustrated, developing further the story of Clive Penguin. Clive makes a d...

  • The Secret of the Blood-Red Key

    The Secret of the Blood-Red Key

    Name: Julie Broadbent
    18 September 2023;

    Genre: Fantasy

    In The Secret of the Blood-Red Key, we are reunited with the familiar world of Krasnia and its inhabitants. Our heroes Rachel and Robert Klein have saved the country from the wicked dictator Charles Malstain and peace and order has now been restored. They are rightly now recog...

  • The Infinite

    The Infinite

    Name: Lily Age 12
    18 September 2023;

    Genre: Science Fiction

    Amazing book, I read it at school and it is such an exciting adventure. The author describes the setting and the characters really well!

  • Zoom


    Name: Maria faithorn
    18 September 2023;

    Genre: Adventure

    On a sweltering evening, when no-one can sleep, Grandad and his grandson head to the roof to cool down. Gazing up at the stars through the telescope, they spot a planet. On closer look, there's astronauts and a space module in trouble! Together they create a spaceship and ZOOM off to help!...