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  • Jane Foster's Baby's First Stories: 0-3 months: Look and Listen with Baby

    Jane Foster's Baby's First Stories: 0-3 months: Look and Listen with Baby

    Name: Catherine Kus
    15 September 2023;

    Genre: Baby & Toddler Books

    This book is a hardback book for babies aged 0-3 months. Experts believe that babies see in black, white and grey during the first four months of their life and the illustrations in this book have been created in these colours only. The pictures are really bold and clear with repeating pattern...

  • The Secret of the Blood-Red Key

    The Secret of the Blood-Red Key

    Name: Beverley Somerset
    14 September 2023;

    Genre: Fantasy

    Robert and Rachel Klein have defeated the villainous Charles Malstain; the land of Krasnia and its capital city, Brava, are now full of joy, colour and happy citizens, and Rachel and Robert are national heroes. Then a boy appears from nowhere and presents Rachel with a blood-red key. She has n...

  • Mermedusa  (An Eerie-on-Sea Adventure)

    Mermedusa (An Eerie-on-Sea Adventure)

    Name: Wendy Kelly
    13 September 2023;

    Genre: Adventure

    So here it is! We've reached the end of Herbie and Violet's winter shenanigans with the explosive story of the Mermedusa. Those devoted readers who have followed all their other adventures will find many loose ends pleasingly tied up in their final (perhaps?) adventure. Thomas...

  • Inspiring Inventors Who Are Changing Our Future: People Power series

    Inspiring Inventors Who Are Changing Our Future: People Power series

    Name: Stephen Leitch
    13 September 2023;

    Genre: Non Fiction

    Inspiring Inventors Who Are Changing Our Future gives a fascinating insight into inventors and their inventions that are having an impact on millions of lives throughout the world today. Many were unknown to me - both inventor and invention - and that's what made this a really...

  • Stitch


    Name: Jacqueline Harris
    12 September 2023;

    Genre: Friends and family

    Stitch is a boy who was made, literally stitched together as his name suggests. Along with his friend Henry, he lives with the Professor in a castle and counts the days since he 'woke up'. One day, when everything changes, the Professor's nephew comes calling and Stitch finds that sometimes di...

  • Orion Lost

    Orion Lost

    Name: Review Age 11
    09 September 2023;

    Genre: Science Fiction

    This book was really fun to read, I loved the twists and turns in it - it made it seem a bit more like a mystery, with space pirates etc. Keep up the good work.

  • The Stolen Songbird: From the bestselling author of The Accidental Stowaway

    The Stolen Songbird

    Name: Jacqueline Harris
    09 September 2023;

    Genre: Historical Fiction

    Caro Monday lives in a pub in Waterloo with her two mothers. One of her mothers runs the pub while the other is a famous whistling star, who travels the world. One day Caro is forced to go and stay with her great aunt who lives in Hampstead. Her whistling mother has disappeared, and Caro has n...

  • Queen of Gods (House of Shadows 2): the unmissable sequel to Daughter of Darkness

    Queen of Gods (House of Shadows 2)

    Name: Clare Wilkins
    08 September 2023;

    Genre: Myths & Legends

    Feisty Deina is no fan of the duplicitous Gods. Nor is she a fan of the war-mongering Aristaeus but, bound by the seeds Thanatos commanded her to swallow in order to save her friends, she is tied to the Underworld. Hades wants her daughter to join her and become a God but despite conflicting e...

  • Welcome to Camp Killer

    Welcome to Camp Killer

    Name: Emelia Helliwell
    08 September 2023;

    Genre: Horror

    Welcome to Camp Killer is set in the north of England and is about a group of teenagers who start their summer looking to earn money and have fun helping to run a new American-style residential camp called 'Camp Miller' in the grounds of a stately home. When opening 'Ca...

  • We Are All Astronauts: Discover what it takes to be a space explorer!

    We are all Astronauts!

    Name: Lucy Hopkins
    08 September 2023;

    Genre: Non Fiction

    Another great book from Kate Pankhurst about women doing amazing things! We are all Astronauts! starts with a little girl called Luna who wants to be an astronaut. It's a great book that is packed with facts and information all about being an astronaut but presented as a story...