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  • The Outside Is inside

    The Outside is Inside

    Name: Kyle Matravers
    12 November 2021;

    Genre: Bereavement

    Joe Moorwood has managed to create something very special when it comes to The Outside is Inside. This text is certainly not one that you would necessarily consider as a read loud during story time but it is priceless when it comes to allowing children to begin to understand a...

  • The Green Giant

    The Green Giant

    Name: Sharon Porter
    12 November 2021;

    Genre: Early Readers & Young Fiction

    The Green Giant is not only a book about improving the environment but also describes why some people move from one part of the world to another. Bea Green (the main character) goes to visit her grandad in the countryside for a short holiday and while she is there she discover...

  • The Book of Stolen Dreams

    The Book of Stolen Dreams

    Name: Julie Broadbent
    12 November 2021;

    Genre: Adventure

    The Book of Stolen Dreams is a fantastical, rip-roaring adventure from master storyteller David Farr. This is his first time writing for children and he has created a wonderful, magical story that keeps the reader on the edge of their seat. Set in the land of Krasnia we...

  • My Skin, Your Skin: Let's talk about race, racism and empowerment

    My Skin, Your Skin: Let's talk about race, racism and empowerment

    Name: Maria Aldred
    12 November 2021;

    Genre: Representation & Inclusion

    This book is a must for every classroom as it covers such an important subject and in our classroom led to lots of discussions about race and diversity. This excellent book helps support this subject by explaining key vocabulary, asking key questions and with captions which help support...

  • The Book of Stolen Dreams

    The Book of Stolen Dreams

    Name: Beverley Somerset
    12 November 2021;

    Genre: Adventure

    Rachel lives with her older brother, Robert and their parents in the city of Brava in the land of Krasnia. Her father is a librarian and works in the North Brava Public Lending Library. When Rachel was just a baby, the Krasnia was taken over by the evil dictator Charles Malstain. He hated chil...

  • Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam: Santa's Stolen Sleigh

    Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam: Santa's Stolen Sleigh

    Name: Carol Wright
    12 November 2021;

    Genre: Picture Books

    Shifty and Sam are bakers who have been asked by Santa to bake a festive feast. All the elves are poorly and Santa needs help to finish the presents for the Christmas Eve deadline. Along comes Flo. Will Flo and the boys save the day? The illustrations seem to leap off the page and take...

  • The Chime Seekers

    The Chime Seekers

    Name: Hayley Summerfield
    10 November 2021;

    Genre: Fantasy

    The Chime Seekers is an enchanting new adventure story from Ross Montgomery. This haunting masterpiece is brimming with magic, quests, acceptance and friendship. The story allows us to step into a world of faerie tricks and hidden danger, a world of peril and adventure. <p...

  • Star


    Name: Lucy Newton
    10 November 2021;

    Genre: Animals

    Another lovely book by Holly Webb! Holly Webb's book are pitched perfectly for children who are building their reading stamina and introducing themselves to chunkier chapter books. This story follows a girl called Anna who find a small, wooden tiger. When she sleeps with the tiger tucke...

  • Animal Families: Snow

    Animal Families: Snow

    Name: Ellen Green
    10 November 2021;

    Genre: Animals

    The Animal Families board books introduce children to the concept of families, as we meet the mummy, daddy and then find their baby under a sturdy flap. Animal Families Snow was the first book I've seen in the series, and I loved the bold illustrations and just how sturdy the large flap...

  • Adam-2


    Name: Aaron Age 11
    08 November 2021;

    Genre: Science Fiction

    Adam-2 is the story of a robot with AI caught in a world where Funks (robots who are made to command and do human jobs) and humans are war. The war was created by Adam-1 who reprogrammed robots to kill humans after the humans abused and mistreated robots. Now Adam-2's task to...