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  • The Wanderdays: Journey To Fantome Island

    The Wanderdays: Journey To Fantome Island

    Name: Linda Brown
    07 June 2024;

    Genre: Environment

    The Wanderdays: Journey To Fantome Island is a new adventure series from the popular middle grade author Clare Povey. Will you be brave enough to join them in their first underwater adventure as they search for their missing Mum and discover what is really happening on the sec...

  • Peekaboo Dog

    Peekaboo Dog

    Name: Lucy Hopkins
    06 June 2024;

    Genre: Animals

    Another great picture book from Camilla Reid! Peekaboo Dog is filled with brightly coloured pictures and clear, bold text. Each page has a lever for babies to move which generates another picture or flap to appear. These all involve young children moving their fingers in diffe...

  • Big Outdoors for Little Explorers: Jungle

    Big Outdoors for Little Explorers: Jungle

    Name: Lucy Hopkins
    06 June 2024;

    Genre: Animals

    Big Outdoors for Little Explorers: Jungle is an excellent book for any jungle or animal loving baby/toddler!  This book will help to immerse children into the jungle world; a place most of them have probably never experienced! It's filled with life-like pictures of jungle anim...

  • Alice Eclair, Spy Extraordinaire! A Dash of Daring

    Alice Eclair, Spy Extraordinaire! A Dash of Daring

    Name: Sue Wilsher
    06 June 2024;

    Genre: Mystery & Detective

    When an ingenious cipher machine, capable of converting messages into unreadable code in seconds, and its creator go missing, Alice Éclair finds herself once more in the thick of the action, this time at the Olympic training camp, where the daughter of the missing machine maker is getting read...

  • The Love Interest

    The Love Interest

    Name: Clair Bossons
    06 June 2024;

    Genre: Romance & Relationships

    Helen Comerford's debut novel The Love Interest is set in 2024 and provides us with a unique take on the superhero genre. I found myself hooked from the very first page. The dystopian world where some people have superpowers and there are some mutant EV creatures is very well...

  • Who Ate Steve?

    Who Ate Steve?

    Name: Natalie J McChrystal Plimmer
    05 June 2024;

    Genre: Funny Stories

    Who Ate Steve? is a wonderfully tongue-in-cheek metafictive picturebook. An unknown narrator, who speaks directly to both reader and character, is a teacher trying to teach about size - what (or who) is big and small. But causing the teacher-narrator's increasing frustration i...

  • Gloria Goes for Gold

    Gloria Goes for Gold

    Name: Lauren Maidman
    05 June 2024;

    Genre: Friends and family

    Gloria Goes for Gold is the story of a Hippo named Gloria who, with her family, are Artistic Swimming Champions. Gloria is bored of winning with her family and when the Savannah Games role into town, she fancies a change of sport and potentially the idea of winning a medal of...

  • Freya's Gold

    Freya's Gold

    Name: Jennifer Caddick
    04 June 2024;

    Genre: Adventure

    Freya's Gold is a perfectly perilous and deliciously dramatic middle grade novel with a pacey plot, an endearingly under-confident heroine, a sharply suspicious and perfectly coiffured stranger and an unusual new acquaintance found in the unlikeliest place. The seaside...

  • Bear vs Dragon

    Bear vs Dragon

    Name: Louise Gahan
    04 June 2024;

    Genre: Funny Stories

    A bear, a dragon and a rickety bridge; what could possibly go wrong? When the two characters meet on a bridge, they don't exactly see eye to eye. Very quickly their conversation gets somewhat heated and all the while, the rickety bridge gets even more rickety. This is a super, quick-wit...

  • Transcendent: Book 1

    Transcendent: Book 1

    Name: Louisa Farrow
    03 June 2024;

    Genre: Science Fiction

    Jacob and Kira are twin geniuses from Mbale, Uganda. Jacob is quieter and more circumspect, Kira is bolder and inclined to take risks, but both are spectacularly intelligent. They designed a wireless hacking device when they were only nine years old, while their latest invention is an atmosphe...