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  • Once Upon A Broken Heart: the New York Times bestseller

    Once Upon a Broken Heart

    Name: Linda Brown
    01 November 2021;

    Genre: Romance & Relationships

    This new title by the wonderful Stephanie Garber is a spin off from her amazing fantasy series Caraval. Believe me when I say, that this too leaves you wanting more. Loved it, couldn't put it down! Evangeline Fox has always believed in having a 'happy ever after'. However, life doesn't always...

  • By Rowan and Yew

    By Rowan and Yew

    Name: Bryony Davies
    01 November 2021;

    Genre: Environment

    By Rowan and Yew is written by Melissa Harrison. A follow up to last year’s By Ash, Oak and Thorn, this is a beautiful book and excellent sequel (although you don't need to have read the first book). This book picks up on Moss,...

  • A Secret in Time

    A Secret in Time

    Name: Ellen Green
    01 November 2021;

    Genre: Historical Fiction

    A Secret in Time is a high-stakes, wintry story that takes us back in time to 1947 and an intriguing glimpse into life at that time, as well as a high stakes adventure for siblings Alex and Ruby, with life-threatening dangers and a reputation to save. When Alex and Ruby...

  • The Christmas Department Store

    The Christmas Department Store

    Name: Emma Nelson
    01 November 2021;

    Genre: Friends and family

    The Christmas Department Store is the kind of book that you read on the run-up to Christmas. It is beautifully illustrated with lots of gold, green and red; warm colours that are often associated with the festive period. The story unfolds with Benji who believes that Ch...

  • Fledgling


    Name: Louisa Farrow
    01 November 2021;

    Genre: Magical Realism

    Cassie Engel's home life is unusual. Her mother is an eccentric opera singer who spends most of her day singing and her father, broken by the war, takes refuge in drink and taxidermy. They live in a tall house built by her great grandfather on top of a tall rock, reached by a helter skelter ro...

  • Rita Wants a Witch

    Rita Wants a Witch

    Name: Maria Faithorn
    01 November 2021;

    Genre: Picture Books

    Rita wants a witch! A witch wouldn't make her go to bed, be clean, wash up or do homework. Rita could help her witch with magic potions and spells. A witch could teach bullies a lesson and turn teachers into frogs! Rita's wishes turn to thoughts. She hopes her witch wouldn't be too spoo...

  • Shadow Town

    Shadow Town

    Name: Ruth Cornish
    01 November 2021;

    Genre: Magical Realism

    Shadow Town is primarily an adventure filled with fantasy and mystery. It is also a powerful thriller with psychological layers which become apparent towards the end of the book, enabling the reader to make connections between the protagonist's real life and the imaginary worl...

  • The Boy Who Got Accidentally Famous

    The Boy Who Got Accidentally Famous

    Name: Samantha Phillips
    01 November 2021;

    Genre: Funny Stories

    Billy is an ordinary eleven year old school boy, who lives with his perfectly ordinary parents and his ten-month-old sister, Lisa, who is also ordinary. Everything about Billy was ordinary; at school he wasn't top of his class, or bottom. He wasn't good at sport, or bad either. He was neither...

  • Where's Mr Polar Bear?

    Where's Mr Polar Bear?

    Name: Elen Green
    01 November 2021;

    Genre: Baby & Toddler Books

    Where's Mr Polar Bear is the latest in Nosy Crow's 'felt flaps' books that have been hugely successful - after all, what child doesn't adore discovering something hidden under a flap? The images are bright and child-friendly, and the felt flaps actually do the job brilliantly as they are much...

  • Christmas Street

    Christmas Street

    Name: Elen Green
    01 November 2021;

    Genre: Early Skills

    I shared this with a two-year-old who completed adored it - so will older and younger children! This little package covers so many things - it teaches the alphabet and the letters' sounds, it has a great rhyming text to read aloud, and it is both a book and a rather lovely toy!  The boo...