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  • Explodapedia: Rewild - Can Nature heal Our World?

    Explodapedia: Rewild - Can Nature heal Our World?

    Name: Sue Wilsher
    17 May 2024;

    Genre: Environment

    The latest in the excellent 'Explodapedia' series, Rewild: Can Nature heal Our World? is a very engaging and accessible read. Guided by cartoons of chatty and cheeky fungi, the book carefully explains the idea behind rewilding as well as why is it so important in a humorous an...

  • Magicalia: Race of Wonders


    Name: Jenny Caddick
    17 May 2024;

    Genre: Fantasy

    "Until a monster swallowed her PE kit, Bitsy's evening had been going to plan." A fantastical, imaginative adventure awaits when the reader is swept into a world of magicore beasts, created by emotions held within our memories. A long-ago meteorite named farthingstone left its magical imprint...

  • Ember Spark and the Thunder of Dragons

    Ember Spark and the Thunder of Dragons

    Name: Jacqueline Harris
    17 May 2024;

    Genre: Magical Realism

    Ember Spark is an ordinary girl who is always ready for an adventure to start. One day an adventure does start, and Ember is flung into an adventure more wild and wonderful than anything her favourite comic book heroine, Gutsy Wonder, could have imagined. Ember finds out that she is an apprent...

  • I Am Wolf

    I Am Wolf

    Name: Beverley Somerset
    17 May 2024;

    Genre: Science Fiction

    Coll is a member of the Wolf crew. His home is a giant mechanical Construct of a wolf, which fights other animal shaped Constructs for territory. There is no friendship between crews, only fierce rivalry. Coll's life changes dramatically when, during a battle with another Construct, he is thro...

  • Transcendent: Book 1

    Transcendent: Book 1

    Name: Jenny Caddick
    16 May 2024;

    Genre: Science Fiction

    Epic, sweeping, cinematic action adventure from debut author Patrick Gallagher. Transcendent is a fast-paced , clever and contemporary story that spans cultures, continents and even takes its story out of this world into the mysteries of Space. Kira and Jacob Flynn are...

  • All Are Welcome

    All Are Welcome

    Name: Sue Wilsher
    15 May 2024;

    Genre: Representation & Inclusion

    All are Welcome is a delightful picture book which declares to all children that they have a place and are valued in their school. The rhyming text is perfect for reading aloud and children will quickly pick up on, and join in with, the repeated refrain of 'All are welcome her...

  • Not Like Other Girls

    Not Like Other Girls

    Name: Eileen Armstrong
    14 May 2024;

    Genre: Suspense & Thrillers

    Not Like Other Girls is not quite like other YA thrillers. It skilfully combines a complex, tense and twisty mystery with a fake-dating romance while asking important questions about toxic friendship, assault and rape culture in a way which would be an achievement for...

  • Up High

    Up High

    Name: Abbie Barnes
    14 May 2024;

    Genre: Family & Home

    We really enjoyed this book! The story is told from the little boy's perspective, so the illustrations are also drawn to match and show what the world looks like in his shoes. Up High is a really lovely story about a boy who feels small in such a big world - but then starts to...

  • Bad United: Just For Kicks

    Bad United: Just For Kicks

    Name: Amanda Shipton
    13 May 2024;

    Genre: Comics & Graphic Novels

    Bad United: Just For Kicks, Lousie Forshaw's newest creation, is packed full of silliness and fun, making it a page-turner for early readers. The carefully planned illustrations ensure that the story is easy to follow with enough text to ensure that the reader can fully apprec...

  • Bird Boy

    Bird Boy

    Name: Sue Wilsher
    13 May 2024;

    Genre: Personal Growth

    Sent to live with his uncle in the Lake District, Will is faced with a life far removed from the one he is used to. When he makes friends with Omar, a refugee from Afghanistan, he finds the confidence to explore and the two boys discover an osprey nest. As they watch the birds, naming them, Wi...