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  • Legendary Creatures: Mythical Beasts and Spirits from Around the World

    Legendary Creatures: Mythical Beasts and Spirits from Around the World

    Name: Sue Wilsher
    01 November 2023;

    Genre: Myths & Legends

    Legendary Creatures: Mythical Beasts and Spirits from Around the World offers a fascinating introduction to mythical beasts and spirits. A map of the world identifying each creature's location is included at the beginning of the book and a note from the author explains that th...

  • Ultrawild: An Audacious Plan for Rewilding Every City on Earth

    Ultra Wild

    Name: Jacqueline Harris
    01 November 2023;

    Genre: Environment

    Ultrawild: An Audacious Plan to Rewild Every City on Earth is a graphic book-style nonfiction text. Filled with drawings and tiny writing, this is a book to study closely and pore over each page. It is presented as a series of ideas to combat climate change. While it is presented as a sort of...

  • You Could Be So Pretty

    You Could Be So Pretty

    Name: Clare Wilkins
    01 November 2023;

    Genre: Dystopian

    What a fascinating, disturbing read. What initially appears to be a YA Handmaid's Tale is actually an only a slightly distorted snapshot of society today. Belle and Joni are polar opposites, living either side of The Doctrine that governs insular communities like their own. Subjugated f...

  • The Love Report

    The Love Report

    Name: Julie Broadbent
    01 November 2023;

    Genre: Comics & Graphic Novels

    Grace and Lola are best friends. They want to try to unravel the mystery of how teenagers fall in love and what that looks like, so they decide to write the Love Report. Curious at first, it all begins as a bit of fun. They observe the popular girl in school and try to figure out what exactly...

  • Juniper's Christmas

    Juniper's Christmas

    Name: Hayley Summerfield
    01 November 2023;

    Genre: Adventure

    Eoin Colfer's new book Juniper's Christmas is a heartwarming modern twist on a story about saving Santa Claus. This story brings attention to the real people who try to help restore Christmas spirit and Christmas magic but also highlights our struggles with modern day corporat...

  • The Panda's Child

    The Panda's Child

    Name: Amanda Shipton
    30 October 2023;

    Genre: Environment

    The award-winning Welsh author Jackie Morris, who lives in a cottage held together with cobwebs, has yet again demonstrated her mastery with words. She has teamed with the incredible illustrator Cathy Fisher which is a stoke of genius. Through her art, Cathy demonstrates her deep connection wi...

  • The Deadlands: Trapped

    The Deadlands: Trapped

    Name: Nathan Cox
    30 October 2023;

    Genre: Adventure

    The Deadlands: Trapped is the second book in the Deadlands series from Skye Melki-Wegner and the action-packed thrill ride immediately leaps back into full force where the first book ended. After reading the first book, <a href="/books/the-deadlands-hunted-the-dinosaurs-are-at...

  • I Feed Her to the Beast and the Beast Is Me

    I Feed Her to the Beast and the Beast Is Me

    Name: Clare Wilkins
    27 October 2023;

    Genre: Horror

    It's the final year at the Ballet Academy of Paris for an ambitious group of students intent on graduating into the cut-throat world of professional ballet. Laure Mensy is talented and single-minded but she is also a misfit in the privileged ballet world, where her skin colour and background c...

  • The Final Year

    The Final Year

    Name: Louisa Farrow
    27 October 2023;

    Genre: Poetry

    Nate doesn't have the easiest life at home. His mum is loving but struggling and Nate has never known his dad; he often has to get his two younger brothers up and ready for school; and there's never quite enough money to go round. In spite of everything, he has been doing well at school now th...

  • Lunar


    Name: Sam
    27 October 2023;

    Genre: Science Fiction

    Luna and her dad live on the moon, where they work as part of a research team collecting rocks and other mineral specimens for scientific study; life for the pair sounds good.  The story is told from Luna's perspective, with just the right amount of sci-fi detail and sassy humour you would exp...