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  • The Fault in Our Stars

    The Fault in Our Stars

    Name: Karyn Age 14
    07 January 2014;

    Genre: Romance & Relationships

    I would recommend this book because it is a insightful book cleverly capturing the views of someone with cancer and is full of plot twists!

  • The Prey

    The Prey

    Name: Melanie Chadwick
    17 November 2013;

    Genre: Adventure

    I really enjoyed The Hunt, the first book in this series in which Gene and his small group of humans manage to escape the pursuit of the terrifying vampires. It was gripping, fast paced and full of vampire action - real vampires, not the soppy sort everyone falls in love with. So I was looking fo...

  • The Middle of Nowhere

    The Middle of Nowhere

    Name: Melanie Chadwick
    17 November 2013;

    Comity lives with her father, Herbert Pinny and her mother on a telegraph repeater station in the middle of nowhere in the Australian outback. Life is hard, but her father takes great pride in his job as stationmaster, and her mother makes it a real home, with love, stories and friendship to all...

  • Allies and Assassins: Number 1 in series

    Allies & Assassins

    Name: Elizabeth Bentley
    09 November 2013;

    Genre: Adventure

    After what felt like a slow start, I really enjoyed this book. It covers a very short period, just 6 days, then another a week later, but charts the growth in a boy/young man of 16 as he goes from being the named heir to his brother the Prince, to having to take over as Prince and ruler. Feelin...

  • Graphic


    Name: Laura Taylor
    06 November 2013;

    Genre: Bullying

    A new title in the popular and dyslexia friendly Barrington Stoke series, Graphic is the story of talented artist Joe who discovers his drawing talents can produce surprising results when whatever he imagines and subsequently draws comes true! What should he wish for and draw? Could his dreams...

  • My Hamster is a Spy

    Stinky and Jinks (My Hamster is a...)

    Name: Hannah Morrell
    01 August 2013;

    Genre: Animals

    These books written by David Lowe (My Hamster is an Astronaut, My Hamster is a Spy and My Hamster is a Genius) are perfect for stand alone reads or reading them as a set to your class. The plot follows a young boy and his new pet Hamster (which he acquired in a quite humorous way - but I don't w...

  • Amazing Esme and the Sweetshop Circus: Book 2

    Amazing Esme and the Sweet Shop Circus

    Name: Hannah M
    21 July 2013;

    Genre: Adventure

    I put this book in my special reading box for the children when they have the time to do some independent reading in my Year 3 class. I found that the boys were very against picking up a book that was so 'pink' and 'girly', however the young girls in my class enjoyed following the adventures of E...

  • Tins


    Name: Dylan Age 11
    18 July 2013;

    Genre: Mystery & Detective

    I thought that the beginning wasn't as good as the end. If it hadn't of been the class reader and I had just picked it up and read it on my own after about 10 pages I would of put it back down. If it hadn't of been for the ending it wouldn't have got the 2 stars I gave it. At the end, surprise...

  • Dogs Don't Tell Jokes

    Dogs Don't Tell Jokes

    Name: sam Age 11
    18 July 2013;

    Genre: Humour

    This guy called Gary boon loves to tell jokes. But every one at his school finds it annoying, except this girl called Angeline who is one year younger than Gary. And at his school there's a big talent show coming up and guess what Gary's talent is going to be......... telling jokes. He wins! Lots...

  • The Indian in the Cupboard (Collins Modern Classics)

    The Indian in the Cupboard

    Name: Macey Age 11
    18 July 2013;

    Genre: Friends and family

    I like this book because when omri gets the cupboard and puts the Indian figure inside he has no idea that it is magic and soon develops feelings for little bull (The Indian).