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  • Dogs Don't Tell Jokes

    Dogs Don't Tell Jokes

    Name: Jessica Age 11
    18 July 2013;

    Genre: Humour

    I liked it when at the beginning Gary Boon talks as if everything is a joke. When the talent show is 2 weeks away, he is told by his parents that if he can go through 2 weeks without telling a single joke then he will get another $100 and so he gets the 1st prize and goes without telling a joke...

  • Pig-Heart Boy

    Pig heart boy

    Name: Anya Age 11
    18 July 2013;

    Genre: Personal Growth

    I liked this book because it is quite emotional and you keep wondering what is going to happen next. I would rate this 5/5 stars because it is interesting and wants to make you read more. I would recommend this book to 11-15 year olds since it would not be suitable for ages under 10 because it...

  • The Adventures of the New Cut Gang

    Thunderbolt and the Waxwork

    Name: Jessica Age 11
    18 July 2013;

    Genre: Mystery & Detective

    I like the fact that when they find out that the sniper (someone who is making false coins) is in their town and they want to find out who it is. Everybody thinks that Thunder Bolt's dad is the sniper because he is working on an invention that nobody is allowed to know about and he is good with...

  • The Little White Horse

    The Little White Horse

    Name: Katie Age 11
    24 May 2013;

    Genre: Books set in the past

    I liked the amazing descriptions, the quirky characters and the shocking discoveries. There's nothing I don't like - except this brilliant book should be longer!

  • Winter Damage

    Winter Damage

    Name: Katie Age 12
    08 May 2013;

    Genre: Adventure

    Because its a great book for teenagers and young adults, by a brand new author, as this is her first book.

  • The Wall

    The Wall

    Name: Lisa Age 14
    22 April 2013;

    Genre: Representation & Inclusion

    I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, as although being emotionally charged and poignant at times, it has also many cryptic and hidden meanings and symbolism, which add depth to the characters and story. Through Sutcliffe's intense description, I have come to understand what life is like f...

  • The Wall

    The Wall

    Name: Chelsea Age 14
    22 April 2013;

    Genre: Representation & Inclusion

    The Wall is a seat-gripping book full of anticipation and adventure, but it also captures many moral issues. It is based on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, and the political aspect may make this book sound incredibly boring, but only makes the book more interesting, as not only is Joshua on a...

  • A World Between Us

    A World Between Us

    Name: Dominique Age 12
    22 March 2013;

    Genre: Books set in the past

    Syson sustains simultaneous plots which convey the frightening nature of daily life in a country torn apart by war and the fragile but also inspirational nature of human beings drawn into circumstances they cannot escape or ignore. A very worthwhile read!

  • Anthem for Jackson Dawes

    Anthem for Jackson Dawes

    Name: Anna Age 12
    05 March 2013;

    Genre: Real life

    Because it is a amazing book which makes your heart sink into it. It's very romantic and sad

  • Run Rabbit Run

    Run Rabbit Run

    Name: Amy Age 10
    27 February 2013;

    Genre: Real life

    I liked this book because it was sad and it showed you how hard it was living while a war was going on. I also like it because in the end it all turns out well. I think this book is great for people who like sad stories or books that are set in the past. I think this book is the best book ever!!!