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Can We Talk About Consent?

Can We Talk About Consent?

Justin Hancock
Frances Lincoln Childrens Books
ISBN: 9780711256545

This book, aimed at the 14+ readership group, is an invaluable addition to any school library and also those in charge of the Personal Development area of the curriculum. I admire the way this is written in an engaging manner whilst dealing with the very important topics of consent and agency. I found it very informative and it made me pause and reflect very quickly upon my own behaviours, how I approach asking others to make decisions, how I answer others' questions about decisions.

Justin Hancock uses the analogies of pizza and movies to get his clear messages across. This is perfect to give such important heavy concepts some levity without detracting from them. He unpicks all sorts of social situations considering the best way to approach them for all parties involved. The upbeat message is that if you come to a mutual consent with full agency, then it helps to make everyone involved in the decision happier and more content.

The book takes you through separate topics from a decision between two friends, greeting people, as Hancock describes it 'The sex bit', peer pressure and agency to choose, and gender rights, through to how consent empowers people in a positive way. It is written in a way that enables the reader to pick and choose what they wish to read but also engages the reader to keep on reading. The pages are fully illustrated, often using slogan-style pages to get key points across. It is a fast read but also something that I can easily see readers coming back to and dipping into again and again.

In addition to all of this there is a glossary of terms and a resources section at the end signposting useful websites and services.

I whole heartedly recommend this book is in every secondary school and that not only students have access to it but also that all of the staff who support them in whatever capacity take the opportunity to read it. Thought-provoking and providing an opportunity for us all to reflect on our own practice.

159 pages/ Age 14+/ Reviewed by Sharon Bolton, School Librarian


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