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Jez Alborough
Walker Books Ltd
ISBN: 9781406380071

Play is the latest book in the series that follows a little chimp, Bobo, who gets up to all sorts of mischief as he introduces very young children to different ideas. The earlier books are Hug, Yes and Tall and they each use very minimal text to explore the word of the title.

In Play, it is Bobo's bedtime, but he's far more interested in playing that in sleeping. Each time his mother settles him for rest, he finds another friend to go and play with but his exploration comes to an unexpected end when the playmate goes to sleep. How will Bobo get home now? Luckily, another friend comes to the rescue and the story ends reassuringly with Bobo safe in his mother's arms.

The pictures in this story are a real treat and really depict Bobo's mischievous nature and his strong bond with his mum. I loved the last spread where Bobo wakes up his sleepy mum with the word 'Play' as the sun comes up over the horizon....

A lovely story to share with children and to talk about their favourite games - and a reassuring nighttime story!

Picture book / Ages 2+ / Reviewed by Alice Young.


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