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A Planet Full of Plastic: and how you can help

A Planet Full of Plastic: and how you can help

Neal Layton
Wren & Rook
ISBN: 9781526361738

After reading this we ended up doing a beach clean-up! A fantastic book, one of my favourite non-fictions so far. My son (5 years old) was fascinated by every word, picture, and fact in this book.

This informative text, coupled with the Neal Layton's trademark mixed-media collages, are guaranteed to engage children in a topic that is ever relevant in today's world. The book teaches children that everything is made of stuff and that 150 years ago plastic was invented: a revolutionary discovery that changed the world that we live in. The book takes a welcome and balanced stance on such an invention highlighting the advantages of plastics and opens a reader's eyes to just how much stuff is made out of plastic nowadays.

The book is not simply a rant at how we should not be using plastic but offers solutions and practical ideas on ways to reduce consumption and recycle such materials. It goes on to educate children on the term 'biodegradable' and the long-term effects of plastic on a planet, causing readers to look inwardly and reflect upon their own lifestyles.

I think coupled with an assemble led by SAS (Surfers Against Sewerage), a short video documentary and a whole class beach clean-up, this book could play a part in a huge culture change within a class or even a school for both children and adults.

I wholeheartedly recommend this book to every child from age 5 to 10. It packs the right amount of information into the book but not too much for shorter attention spans. It doesn't sugarcoat the facts but also delivers information with an empathetic tone. A brilliant book!

Picture book / Ages 5-10 years / Reviewed by James Hewish, teacher


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