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The Little Seed: A classic bedtime story to read together

The Little Seed: A classic bedtime story to read together

Andrew Davenport
ISBN: 9781407188522

A lovely new picture book aimed at really little ones. 'Moon and Me' has already hit CBeebies with its new show reminiscent of 'In the Night Garden'. This is a lovely story to read with babies and toddlers (up to pre-school age) as you tuck them in at night and already this story is becoming popular, with merchandise of the characters - Pepi Nana - on sale to accompany the story.

Moon and Me introduces the reader to these new characters, Pepi Nana and Moon Baby. The characters are toys that come to life when no one is looking. This tale tells the story of the special friendship between the two characters - 'the story of how Pepi Nana met a new friend, Moon Baby'. As you're just settling down in bed, the narrator asks Moon for a story and the narrator begins with Pepi Nana waking up. Pepi Nana sends a letter to the moon asking moon to come to tea. Moon Baby receives the letter and lands in front of the Toy House to have adventures with Pepi Nana for the rest of the story, before returning back to the moon to go to sleep.

The lovely thing about this story is, inbuilt to the narration are phrases such as 'Look up to the sky, you might see him (Moon Baby) go by!' which many young children will delight in as they look to the Moon to spot Moon Baby. This story is built on the concept of toys coming to life and developing the sense of wonder and imagination around their toys. Many children will enjoy re-enacting the tales of Pepi Nana and Moon Baby as they have adventures of their own.

If your child is a fan of In the Night Garden, this is a story you will definitely want to pick up.

Picture book / Ages 0+ / Reviewed by Joanna Hewish, teacher


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