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Mouse's Night Before Christmas

Mouse's Night Before Christmas

Tracey Corderoy
Nosy Crow Ltd
ISBN: 9781788005401

In this clever adaptation of the Christmas classic, The Night Before Christmas, Tracey Corderoy tells the moving story of a solitary mouse who is longing for a friend. With an accompanying QR code, the story is read-aloud with carefully thought out sound effects to really help those younger readers create a picture in their mind.

The tale begins just as the original story starts - which took me straight back to hearing this story as a child. The mouse is introduced using descriptions in a style that my Reception class immediately recognised from other classics we have read, 'A small nose / two twinkly black eyes / some tiny pink toes'. The mouse makes a wish upon a star on the top of a tree, although we aren't told his wish at this point - we infer that he wishes for a friend.

At this moment, Santa and his reindeer - who have lost their way - land outside with such a clatter. The mouse helped Santa to find his way and to repay the little mouse, Santa grants the mouse its wish in the most touching way!

After reading and enjoying this story, the children were inspired to think of their own Christmas wishes. From spending time with family, to feeding and gifting to those who may be less fortunate at Christmas time- this story helped us to think deeply about what is important at this magical time of year.

Teaching the value of friendship and goodwill at Christmas time, this narrative poetry written through rhyme lends itself beautifully as a text that can be enjoyed again and again with the whole class or as a story to read to your child snuggled up on a winter's night at home.

Picture book / Ages 4+ / Reviewed by Jussica Bunney, teacher


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