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The International Yeti Collective

The International Yeti Collective

Paul Mason
Stripes Publishing
ISBN: 9781788950848

After a close encounter with human explorers, young mountain yeti Tick has to try everything in his power to protect the secret of yetis all over the world. Even if it involves travelling a long way, and working together with human girl, Ella.

The book is told from two points of view, on the one hand Ella's human perspective and on the other Tick's yeti perspective. I found Tick's story more interesting and was glad that the book is mainly about him. As a reader you get to meet lots of different kinds of yeti with their own little quirks and specialities.

Tick is a courageous and curious yeti who wants to do what is right. He agrees to go on a perilous journey to protect the yeti community world wide. I found the whole concept of this really interesting and unusual.

The book tackles themes of cooperation vs. isolation and also environmental themes such as the destruction of the rainforest.

This would be suitable from about year 4 upwards, depending on ability.

288 Pages / Ages 9-12 / Reviewed by Wiebke Howey, teacher


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