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Fergus the Furball

Fergus the Furball

Ransom Publishing
ISBN: 9781785918506

I am sure that each and every person with a brother or sister has, at some time in their life, wished they were an only child, or at best, that something unpleasant were to befall their sibling. That's exactly the case with Daniel in Fergus the Furball by Emily Snape.

Daniel's parents have gone away on a business trip and left him and his younger brother Fergus and sister Ruby in the care of his 'crazy Aunt Tink. If that's not bad enough, they also seem to have forgotten that it's Daniel's tenth birthday!

When Daniel is rudely awaken on the morning of his birthday by his Aunt Tink and his brother and sister, with a cake bearing just 9 candles, a dusty old magic set and a cactus - instead of the pet he's long wished for - he is understandably more than a little disappointed. Thing are made worse by his irritating little brother Fergus, being as irritating as normal, so feeling rather sorry for himself you can hardly blame Daniel for wishing he had a guinea pig instead of a brother. Imagine his surprise when, before his very eyes, that's exactly what happens. Fergus turns into a guinea pig!

Now it's up to Daniel to somehow find the magic to reverse the spell and turn Fergus back to normal. Enlisting the help of his best friend Ethan, and Eugenie, the new girl in class, the children consider just what they need to do to undo the magic and keep Fergus safe in the mean time.

This is a highly amusing tale that young readers will love, an ideal first chapter book. This entertaining read is made even more appealing by its fun illustrations, which are also by the book's super talented author, Emily Snape.

This is a fantastic read, I know that the children in my class will love this easy to read humorous tale. A great addition to any classroom book corner with lots of potential for discussion as a class read. That said, I also think Fergus the Furball will make a fab 'hook book' to give newly independent readers the motivation to read for pleasure, at home.

240 pages / Ages 7+ / Reviewed by Samantha Phillips, teacher


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