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Kidnap on the California Comet

Kidnap on the California Comet

MG Leonard & Sam Sedgman
Macmillan Children's Books
ISBN: 9781529013085

Having read and thoroughly enjoyed the first in the series, The Highland Falcon Thief, I was thrilled to receive my copy of Kidnap on the Californian Comet by writing duo, M G Leonard and Sam Sedgman, from MacMillian Publishing.

Kidnap on the Californian Comet is every bit as good, perhaps even a little better, if that's possible, as the first book, and while it does include references to Hal's adventures on the Highland Falcon, it can be read as standalone read without losing any of the magic.

In this story, Hal's Uncle Nat, a journalist, is covering an event being hosted by August Reza, a billionaire entrepreneur, who is a passenger on the California Comet. Since it's the school holidays, Hal is accompanying his Uncle on this American train journey, travelling from Chicago to San Francisco.

As soon as Hal arrives in Chicago, complete with sketch book, the adventures begin. Hal quickly makes friends with Hadley, who wants to be a magician and her brother Mason, a keen impersonator and performer. All is going well until the entrepreneur's daughter, Marianne, is kidnapped, and once again, Hal uses his eye for detail and his sleuthing skills to solve the mystery.

In true 'Agatha Christie' style, when the mystery is finally solved the reader is able to see all the clues that they may have overlooked and how the crime has been solved, this guarantees an exciting read for its audience, young or old.

As with the first book in this series, at the start of the book is a map of the journey the train will take, by illustrator Elisa Paganelli. Her detailed pictures throughout the book complement the text perfectly. Since they also represent Hal's drawings, these fab illustrations form a vital part in solving this crime.

An absolutely brilliant adventure story! Ideal for anyone who enjoys a good action packed, mystery story will love this book and be left waiting for the next instalment.

This is now one of my favourite 9+ mysteries series and I am so looking forward to seeing where the next adventure will take me in the next book.... (Not so subtle hint there!)

256 pages / Ages 9+ / Reviewed by Sam Phillips, teacher


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