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The Girl Who Stole The Stars

The Girl Who Stole The Stars

Corrina Campbell
Little Door Books
ISBN: 9781999955670

The Girl who stole the Stars is a sweet story about a girl who just wants a star. She asks Santa to help her get a star for Christmas; he luckily sends her a magical ladder to help her get her wish. However, the girl notices the star she takes from the sky is unhappy, so she goes to take some more so he has some friends. Again, the stars are unhappy so the girl takes ALL the stars in the sky to try and bring them together. When it get to Christmas Eve, Santa cannot find his way to all the houses to deliver presents so he has to ask the girl to return them. The little girl realises the stars are not just for her, but for everyone to enjoy.

I thought this was a lovely Christmas story and different from others. The story is centred around the little girl and her love for the stars. I like that the story had a moral and a purpose, which will be great when sharing this with my class. The illustrations are beautiful and fit the story perfectly. The font looks like that the girl herself wrote the story which is an added charm.

I look forward to sharing this over the festive season!

Picture book / Ages 5+ / Reviewed by Lauren Maidman, teacher


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