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A Case of Grave Danger (The Violet Veil Mysteries)

A Case of Grave Danger (The Violet Veil Mysteries)

Sophie Cleverly
ISBN: 9780008297350

A brilliant first book in a new series by the author of the Scarlet and Ivy series. I was sceptical when first beginning to read this book as it's not my usual type (and I had never read the Scarlet and Ivy series). However, I thoroughly loved it! The story whisks you along, as Violet, Oliver (a 'dead' shoeshine boy), and her dog Bones, try to solve the mystery of Oliver's own 'murder'!

Violet's life shows the expectations of women in Victorian times were much less than that of men. She is an undertaker's daughter who would love nothing more than to help her dad with his work. However, an undertaker is no profession for a woman, as her mother - Iris - keeps telling her. Violet is a feisty girl who was born in the mortuary and has certain talents, such as communicating with the dead! She lives with her parents and her younger six-year-old brother, Thomas.

Violet is undeterred by the police officers who, it seems, are convinced Violet's father has something to do with the murders. She is determined to prove his innocence before it's too late and the noose has claimed her father's life.

This is a spooky story which had me, as the reader, changing views as to why the murders of four rich men, and one attempted murder of a penniless shoeshine boy, happened. Who is the perpetrator? Is it The Black Widow (Miss Stone) who once worked for her family, but her father had to let go? Or is she just a decoy? Is it Violet's father, who is in debt and blackmail notes have been found in his office?

I loved that Bones, the greyhound, took such an influential role in the adventure. An excellent read!

336 pages / Ages 8+ / Reviewed by Donna Ritchie, teacher


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