Ghosts, villains and a young detective
Look out for ghosts, greedy villains and a real life author in this ghostly, atmospheric story THE...

Ghosts, villains and a young detective
Ghostly happenings and future worlds Expect ghosts, spooky trains and a trip forward in time in STORM, the latest...

Return to the world of WOLF BROTHER
Roam across vast, ancient landscapes with Torak, Renn and Wolf, and return to... More

Kirsty Applebaum

Imagine getting a new friend for your birthday, a friend who is always there for you and who wants you to be happy. Meet Troofriend, a child who looks just like any other - but who is really an AI machine. Author KIRSTY...



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The House of Hidden Wonders

The House of Hidden Wonders
Sharon Gosling

Zinnie and her sisters live in the murky tunnels beneath Edinburgh's Old Town. They keep out of the way of the authorities and remain undetected. Until, that is, rumours of a... More

The Infinite

The Infinite
Patience Agbabi

'Vivid, funny, exciting and inventive' Philip Pullman 'Has a magic all of its own' Bernardine Evaristo 'What an inspiration. The future just got so much better' Benjamin... More

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