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Flip Flap Snap: Jungle

Flip Flap Snap: Jungle

Carmen Saldana
Templar Publishing
ISBN: 9781787410602

Young children will love finding out about jungle creatures with these smart 'snappy' pop-up books. Each of the five spreads features a pop-up bird, animal or reptile (a crocodile, hippo, toucan, orangutan and a leopard), but the pages are split so you don't know which mix of animals you will find - which will make children giggle and, I am sure, reach out to find other funny pairings.

With younger children, you can share the noise the creature makes; there are also notes in rhyming text under flaps that share some facts about that creature. The pop-ups are nicely produced, very sturdy, and would certainly add to any displays you're doing around the topics the books cover - Jungle in this book and a sister title, Farm.

10 pages / Ages 2+ / Reviewed by Carol Bright


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